The Motivation For the Farmer

A good question that has been asked to me about my support of anarcho-communism is where the motivation for the farmer is if there is no monetary system. This would imply that the farmer would want to starve people to death so he can be in full control over everyone.

This is the problem when discussing anarcho-communism with a strict capitalist. The capitalist always has to assume things run on money. The problem is that within capitalism, there is more motivation for the liars (excuse me, lawyers) then there is for farmers. Also, the athletes are more motivated. This is the problem with capitalism and it is a problem that capitalists need to deal with. When you make something that is critical just to survive necessary for life itself, then by paying people less, the farmer ultimately has little or no motivation.

I have seen this senseless argument used by uncritical capitalists before. I have also heard things like “Oh, so you are going to introduce a bartering system considering that there is no monetary system.” This just shows how the capitalist must always twist things around in order to establish capitalism as the “absolute truth”. The thing is, anarcho-communism runs on a free gift economy. No bartering, no monetary system. And ironically, the whole monetary system is another way of bartering in the first place. Our minds give value to the dollar bill. Our minds give value to the Euro, the reuble, the pound, whatever. Money is trading and hence is a bartering system.

So where is the motivation for the farmer to produce food for an entire society if he is getting so underpaid in comparison to politicians and entertainers, I ask. Is not the farmer more useful to the community than the athlete or the politician? Answer that one for me if you are a capitalist.


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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