Fun Activities for msm1876: Atheistic Non-Materialism

Your overall opinion on this. Do you believe that an atheist can be a non-materialist? Define an atheist. I perceive an atheist as one who does not believe in god and not necessarily one who rejects non-materialistic suppositions. Philosophically speaking, must a god be something non-material? Is a god something non-material? Are demons gods? Are angels gods? Are ghosts gods?

Post your response in comments section msm1876.


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3 Responses to Fun Activities for msm1876: Atheistic Non-Materialism

  1. msm1876 says:

    I’d say that atheism and materialism go hand in hand, truthfully. If you start to affirm the supernatural and non material, you’re just a putt away from the ultimate SOURCE of the supernatural world…what we theists call “God!”

    • Hahaha! I’m taking a Philosophy of Religion class right now. I was applauded by my professor with respect to my understanding of atheism. I stated that based on the definition of the word “God”, an atheist, by logic, can actually believe in God but in order to be an atheist, one would have to challenge God and constantly bump heads with all sorts of authority. In other words, an atheist is essentially synonymous with “anarchist” since the term “theos” was applied to rulers in the ancient world. In addition to that though, a equals the negation so the negation of gods and therefore anti-rulership.

      I’d have to say that in order for one to be a legitimate “atheist”, one would have to make that political connection first.

    • Oh yeah, forgot to quote this from Diamanda Galas.
      “A lot of Greeks would agree with me when I say to be a Greek Orthodox atheist is to have the certainty of the Devil with no hope in God. And I’ve said that to a lot of Greeks in Greece, and they just laugh and say, “That’s it! Right on the money, Diamanda.””

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