Fun Activities for msm1876: Gender Equality Issues in the Bible

Next challenge for you buddy. I know that your overall position on gender equality (based on some of your comments) is that women should submit to men but this does not necessarily mean that men and women aren’t co-equal in nature and being. This view is called the complementarian view if I am not mistaken. I have a few concerns with it and am hoping you will make a video response to it.

The main issue I have with the complementarian position is sexism. Sexism is defined as “attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles” ( Thus, the complementarian position on the roles of women and men is inherently sexist. Which is not necessarily to say that the complementarian position does not work for some people. Some women and some men would find a high success in marriage or would find society to work highly successful within a complementarian perspective. But this does not mean complementarianism should be the standard or expectation for all people because some people don’t view it as working.

I took a course on the subject of witchcraft in Europe recently. Complementarianism was the main reason why witches were burned at the stake so this position is not inherently “nice” to women so to speak. That, and if women are just born women and are forced to play a subordinate role to men, then would this not mean that they are, by nature, subordinate to men? Anxious for your response, just post it in the comments section. Thanks, msm1876!



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2 Responses to Fun Activities for msm1876: Gender Equality Issues in the Bible

  1. msm1876 says:

    I think you’re taking that from my comments where I explain Christ’s functional subordination to the Father doesn’t make him of any lower Ontology than the Father, inasmuch as a woman is not of lower ontology that a man, just because a wife submits to her husband. More than anything, I use that analogy because it will have the person arguing with the bible, and will have them in the awkward position of thinking a woman is ontologically lower than a man if he insists that Jesus is not deity b/c He is subject to God.

    As far as the bible telling wives to submit to their husbands, it just means that the husband is the spiritual leader, the final voice in a tough decision, that kind of stuff. God doesn’t want to subjugate women to the kitchen, dutifully catering to their husband’s every want and need.

    Now women and men in general? No. I don’t think it’s a woman’s duty to be subservient to a man, just b/c she’s a woman. My boss is a woman, and she does a heck of a job. I’ve had bosses who were men who were utter nitwits. I CERTAINLY have no issue with women in the workplace, or anything like that.

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