Fun Activities for msm1876: Homosexuality

So I met msm1876 on youtube once and he’s a pretty cool guy. I hope he is running across this blog or one of his followers runs across this blog and sends it to him.

Anyway, I have some fun activities for him. My first fun activity is to state your overall opinion on the Gay Christian movement as well as your overall opinion on homosexuality in general.

For instance, do you believe that it is an evil sin like most Christian fundamentalists do or do you believe that there is room for interpretation such as what is happening within the Episcopalian Church on the issue? In addition to that, do you agree with statements of the APA that homosexuality is not a disorder or do you agree with the gay reparative therapy programs that do believe it to be a disorder? Do you believe that LGBT people are genderly confused? Do you believe that bisexuals and homosexuals are sexually promiscuous? Do you believe that a homosexual can be a Christian?

msm1876, I hope that you remember me, newenglandsun, and post your video on this subject in the comments section. Spotlight’s on you.


About newenglandsun

A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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2 Responses to Fun Activities for msm1876: Homosexuality

  1. msm1876 says:

    Oh, hey man! There’s something wrong with how I access my videos from my account, so I threw my username into google, attempting to access them that way. Found you called me out on your blog!

    Now, you ask my stance on the “Gay Christian” issue. First, even though it wasn’t really asked, I don’t know if there’s much of a case to be made here in the U.S. that we should constitutionally prevent homosexuals from marrying. Wanted to get that out of the way.

    As far as whether it’s a sin or not…there are about 7 verses in the bible that would seem to condemn it. I’ve heard attempts by those in the gay Christian movement to show that it’s not really about homosexual sex, or only about orgies, or about random, indiscriminant homosexual sex…I find those explanations somewhat wanting, truthfully.

    Is it a serious sin? Based on a scriptural worldview, yes, I’d have to say so. That said, your average gay dude or gay chick is gonna know how I feel on it as a Christian…I don’t think it’s worth badgering them or beating them over the head with it. Even though I’m not Catholic, I kind of like Pope Francis’ approach, his tone, on the issue.

    As far as the whole “Is it a disorder” thing…I only speak on what I have really studied. I thought I heard something in the past about the APA being pressured by activists into removing it from the disorder list, though? Maybe I’m wrong there. I haven’t studied the issue enough to really give a firm answer.

    Hope that answers your questions!

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