Abortion – Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

It is another day on the university campus. I am walking to the cafeteria area for lunch. There are abortion protesters outside the building campaigning. They show gruesome pictures of aborted babies. They then ask for people’s opinions on abortion. Do you believe it should be legal? They have a “yes” and a “no” both available to answer. Do the gruesome pictures adhere my decision on the issue at all? Not really. I walk past them. Do they view me as anti-abortion? Do they view me as pro-abortion and evil? Or do they view me as apathetic? I could care less. I guess that makes me apathetic.

These aren’t just crazy religious fanatics that oppose abortion all their life. They are pacifists. They are Tolstoy-ans. They are followers of Mohandas Gandhi. They support human rights and believe with all their might that the unborn deserve the same exact human rights as all of us. They oppose rape. They oppose murder. They are peaceful anarchists. How can I possibly attack their position on abortion? How can I dogmatically state that they are wrong about their position on abortion? I honestly cannot say that because they might actually be right. Some might flippantly dismiss them. I have to wonder why.

Legally, it is considered murder when an unborn child is killed. Unless under medical conditions. It is sometimes, though rarely, considered double-murder to kill a pregnant woman. The Ohio kidnapper recently faced murder charges for killing the unborn. So in essence, the anti-abortion protesters are correct. Abortion is murder. How can I just flippantly dismiss their case now? How can I simply state that they have failed to define what murder is and what a human is? They support human rights. They are my fellow brethren fighting against all the atrocities carried out in this world by other humans.

But I cannot bring my support to just jump onto their side either. A woman is raped and constantly beaten by her boyfriend for she conceived and her boyfriend demands an abortion. How can I just allow this woman to go through this? A baby is born to unloving parents. Parents that seek to abandon it and refuse to feed it. It is tortured until it dies. How could I have let that victim of torture be born to experience such a thing? Should a child live its life knowing it has been abandoned by parents who never loved it to begin with? What if the mother of the child should die from child birth? And is stem cell research, which might possibly allow millions to be saved from previously incurable diseases a noble goal to abandon?

As I think about the pro-life and the pro-choice issues, I can see good arguments on both sides. I can see bad arguments on both sides. I walk past and avoid answering the question of these abortion protesters not because I am apathetic or for it or against it but because they failed to present a third option – “I don’t know.”


About newenglandsun

A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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