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Liberals, fundamentalists, and Moderates – Part II

Last part dealt more with the liberal, fundamentalist, and moderate positions on issues related to secular things. This one will look at the varieties of Christians and analyze the main differences between the three varieties. It is typical when dialoguing … Continue reading

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Trouble For Fundamentalists – Does God Sleep?

My cousin wrote a post a while back on God’s anger showing numerous examples in the Old Testament of God getting angry. I have queried more on this as well. I’ve concluded ultimately, along with Msgr. Charles Pope, that there … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church – My Gymnasium

And it doesn’t even matter which Rite it is. It could be Roman Rite, Maronite Rite, Byzantine Rite, I don’t care though I am a little biased toward the Byzantine Rite as I will become one eventually myself (I attend … Continue reading

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God Hates Gays, Blacks, and Non-Christians?

Well, this is really rather an interesting post from my older sister. I really can’t tell which version of Christianity it’s attacking. WBC? They get attacked frequently by Christians and atheists. The Ku Klux Klan? Maybe Ken Ham supports them … Continue reading

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Liberals, Moderates, and Fundamentalists

Moderates, liberals, and fundamentalists are all quite different, however, moderates generally end up getting classifies as either fundamentalists or liberals depending on the stuff they emphasize in their statements. Some of what this looks like of moderates getting misunderstood is … Continue reading

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I Was Blocked by James McGrath Today

I’m not surprised. James McGrath is a liberal Protestant Bible scholar. He adheres to many false teachings that are not in accordance with Christian tradition such as the idea of God as a serial rapist and favors the idea of … Continue reading

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Choosing a Grad School

As a junior in college, one thing you have to consider is a grad school. Do you plan to go on and fulfill your education or not? Which grad schools are the best? Which ones should be considered? Which ones … Continue reading

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