I Was Blocked by James McGrath Today

I’m not surprised. James McGrath is a liberal Protestant Bible scholar. He adheres to many false teachings that are not in accordance with Christian tradition such as the idea of God as a serial rapist and favors the idea of historical textual criticism which he attempts to claim is not a variety of Biblicism. It is. The only difference between liberal Protestant ideas on Biblicism and fundamentalist ideas of Biblicism is their emphasis on how to interpret the texts. Suffice to say, there are only a few real groups on planet Earth that can claim non-Biblicism. Eastern Orthodox Christians, Eastern Catholics, Roman Catholics, Orthodox and Rabbinic Jews, Oriental Orthodox Christians, and The Assyrian Church of the East (possibly High Church Anglicans and Anglo-Catholics). If you want to claim not to be a Biblicist, then base your beliefs not on your “historical-critical” interpretation of the Bible, base your beliefs off of traditional authority.

Any way, why was I blocked from James McGrath’s blog any way? Of course I said some things he didn’t like but it’s because I declared his God a serial rapist. Never mind the fact that Alister McGrath, a very less Biblicist theologian from Oxford University (James is from…Butler?) than James McGrath could ever hope to be, already calls his “god” a rapist. Honestly, a theologian from Oxford can call the universalist deity a rapist but this somehow offends James McGrath? Never mind the fact that I had already stated my position numerous times. How did this conversation go and why did he block me? Here’s what he argues after my statement.

You cannot force anyone to love you. But you do not have to torture those who do not love you. How is not torturing people akin to serial rape? I don’t think you take rape to be the serious act of violence that it is, and I would rather not have someone commenting on this blog who treats violence against women as a joke. So goodbye!

Are you nuts? When did I say my position on Hell was God torturing us? When have I treated violence on women as a joke? My goodness, if you feminist “victimologists” can ever get your heads out of your ostrich holes, you’ll find that men get raped as well. Oh, and how many rape cases go down something like this? Rape isn’t “violence on women” unless you’re a radical feminist who thinks that a) women always tell the truth or b) men always lie when they say they’ve been raped. In fact, the last time I checked, rape was any act of non-consensual sex. Hence, the reason why I will always consider the universalist god a rapist. All universalism is, is an over-emphasis on God’s love which ends up ultimately denying the love of God in the first place. No, I am not taking rape as some sort of joke. I stated specifically:

I would never be able to worship or be brought to awe before a god that forces people to love him. I worship YHWH. You worship a serial rapist.

In other words, I would never worship or honor a god who was a serial rapist who wanted non-consensual acts of love with his people.

Now, to answer to James McGrath on his position that I just state God tortures people, this is certainly not, and has never been my view. In order to be a universalist, one must strip away free will and cause god to become a violator of free will. To violate free will is precisely not what love is. In other words, you basically turn god into a being who is actually violating the other person’s wishes. “Oh, but God can do anything!” says James McGrath. But will he do anything? According to James McGrath, he would never send someone to Hell and I agree. Neither does the Catholic Church by the way. So apparently James McGrath is okay with inconsistency, but he instead wants us to believe that God giving in to the wishes of another human being is “torture” and non-consensual coercion into a state of Heaven is “love”. Rape is non-consensual love. James McGrath’s god has me siding with Indian mysticism over Christianity.

I mean at least take a course in a field dealing with what love is before contending that the universalist god is not a rapist. And before contending that you know exactly what others believe or are saying, don’t read into them. Didn’t you already criticize me for doing just the same? And as Byzantine Christians, we would also favor St. Isaac the Syrian’s view of Hell. Before riding someone off as advocating that God tortures people in Hell or stating that they are turning rape into some kind of joke, maybe a) check what they said and b) ask them what they believe.

P.S. James, if you read this, you don’t have to “unblock” me. I really don’t care as it’s just one less place on the internet for me to post comments on. All I want is an apology. I already forgive you. Writing this is mostly to help me and not for everyone to ridicule you as immature so if people do come to your blog from this page and start calling you bad things, I am also extraordinarily sorry for that in advance. God be with you and may you continue your search for truth. Blessings.


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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One Response to I Was Blocked by James McGrath Today

  1. Just another comment for Dr. McGrath, in apophatic theology, we teach that only those who know God can know God. Hence, only those who see God can see God.

    “God then is infinite and incomprehensible and all that is comprehensible about Him is His infinity and incomprehensibility.” (St. John of Damascus, “An Exposition of the Orthodox Faith” I, 4)

    Not that I expect James McGrath to know the Church fathers seeing as he is only a Biblical scholar and that emerged from liberal Protestantism. The Fathers though are of the Catholic and Orthodox faiths.

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