The Catholic Church – My Gymnasium

And it doesn’t even matter which Rite it is. It could be Roman Rite, Maronite Rite, Byzantine Rite, I don’t care though I am a little biased toward the Byzantine Rite as I will become one eventually myself (I attend one right now).

Catholic Churches have power that Protestant Churches lack. Take Notre Dame Cathedral for instance. Or take a tour to St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church. Go to the Sistine Chapel that Michaelangelo painted. Stare into the face of Our Lady of Lebanon. And while you’re at it, check out the Sedlec Ossuary. The closest you’ll ever come to matching that in a Protestant Church is with Canterbury Cathedral.

So why then the Catholic Church specifically? Well, the beauty it gives for one thing. Most Protestants would assert that the images such as the iconoclasts and the statues are idolatry. It’s a shame because you won’t get the kind of architecture in their Church that you see in the Catholic Church. Yet this architecture makes you feel as if you’re staring directly into a gymnasium. Most Protestants try to be optimistic so when death comes up, they stick their heads in the ground like little ostriches. Death is bad, we fear it! But why? Jesus defeated death through death on a cross! Protestants don’t believe this is true though, they need the atonement to represent an idea of God needing sacrifice in order to forgive rather than humanity needing the sacrifice of Jesus giving himself to the Father restoring us back to oneness with him.

Anglicans are so divided on multiple issues. They are turning Christianity into something of their own fashion. Although I would love to see Anglo-Catholics get back together with the Catholic Church. Sure, you can stare into Heaven in an Eastern Orthodox Church but you can get the fullness of it in the Catholic Church just by exploring the different Rites.

One thing Lissette Reina, another blogger, likes about her Church is that the Pastor “let people (anyone, believer or not) come see the super bowl on the church’s big screen just because he could and he was a Giants fan”. This is cool and all but when I look at a Church, I don’t want to go some place that is just simply trying to please you by throwing on some big lights and playing some corny pop music that I can hear every day of the week. It is certainly true that at times, it’s hard to keep up with the chanting and sometimes the kids do get on my nerves a bit but the Christian formation classes actually make up for this and in the service, it is best to just get caught up in the glory and wonder of Heaven and think, “How great is God!”

I honestly think that corny pop music is killing the Church. You go to Church and is there something special about it? No, just throw on some pop music. In worship service, “Hey guys, we’re going to play this new song this week and you’ve probably heard it on the radio!” Um…yes I have and I hated that song. Then there are all the small groups. This is cool and all too but the Church is a family and everyone should unite in this family setting. Hence, kill the small groups. Kill the cliques. We had them in our teenage years in Junior High and High School back when we were going through puberty. God destroyed puberty at the cross as well (well…not exactly, but you get the main deal). Baptist Churches it seems attempt to take out the pop music and what you’re left with is this. Can you say “blah”? Why go somewhere that uses up all that space only to see old crusty people there, no children, and everything is just so bland and plain? No pop music even. The Protestant Church has really reduced itself to a pathetic level in their attempt to market to several cultures that they forgot a key aspect was the mysticism. Putting you in Heaven is the responsibility of the Church and only the Catholic Church does that to perfection.

I love the Catholic Church because it is so multi-cultural. I doubt I would leave it for another Church. I may explore other Rites or even change Rites but I would never leave the Catholic Church for any reason. I feel like I can stare into Heaven when I’m there because I am staring into Heaven there. I’m not listening to a corny pop music or getting bored to death in a fundie, old-age, First Baptist Church of America. I’m getting what Christ himself came to establish in the New Testament. A unified body that doesn’t split up for the little things (filioque clause, purgatory, etc.).

This is why the Catholic Church is my gymnasium. It’s not limited to me. It can be yours too and you don’t have to be a Catholic to attend (just don’t take the Eucharist, that signifies unification in belief for Catholics). And if you want to enter into full communion, just talk to the priest and he’ll tell what to do.


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6 Responses to The Catholic Church – My Gymnasium

  1. Thank you for posting this wonderful work of evangelization!

  2. Lissette says:

    When it comes to architecture, I side with you. I have seen no one top those of the Catholics. I see your respect for it fueling your decision and it is as it should be. The churches represent strength and longevity. They inspire me in an artistic and historic way. I do enjoy churches that do talk to and reach todays people and does what they can to get them involved. They are not at your level yet. You have love and respect for religion that makes the traditional majesty of a Cathedral an experience for you, most of them consider it something they ‘have’ to do or avoid. I love a lot of things and enjoy so many places but I still will not title myself with any particular religion’s name.

    I have visited your blog before and enjoyed it. Figured I would leave a note this time.

    • One minor thing I take issue with in your comment is that a major part of the Catholic Church is centered around “reaching todays people”.

      I’ve actually worked at Habitat for Humanity numerous times and have found that much of the time, it’s always some sort of Catholic group that works with us.

  3. April says:

    The most magnificent churches I have seen have been catholic churches. They are beautiful, solemn, worshipful and peaceful. I can sense the presence of God there as much as anywhere. And I love the kneeling benches. The statues are a good reminder of what Christ did for us and only become idols if you worship them.

    As a protestant, I do not fear death because I believe that Jesus defeated it on the cross. As far as I know, this is the belief of all the Protestant’s I am acquainted with.

    I am glad you found a church you like.

    If you ever get up into Phoenix, you may enjoy visiting Canaan in the Desert.

    • We don’t kneel in the Byzantine Rite. Although St. Thomas Byzantine Catholic Parish has optional kneeling benches they are rarely brought out unless it is by a visiting or interested Roman Catholic. St. Stephen’s Byzantine Cathedral in Phoenix has no kneeling benches.

      Greek Catholics believe that if you truly accept the resurrection of Christ, there is no reason to kneel whatsoever. We’re a little odd that way. I’d like to visit St. Joseph’s Maronite Church in Phoenix as well. I like the Eastern Traditions.

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