Went To an Episcopalian Church Last Night

No, Episcopalians are not Catholics. The reason why I went there is because my younger sister had the opportunity to play flute in the choir. My mom’s been commenting on how amazing the Episcopalian Churches are and how they are one of very few great traditional churches. I personally wasn’t impressed. One thing I noticed is how the Church’s patron saint was an abbot!

I made the comment that it’s a little bit odd that a Church that doesn’t do monasteries would hail an abbot as it’s patron saint to which my heavily liberal minded father (yet oh so closetly conservative Protestant) made it his business to tell me how the world’s a lot more simple than I make it out to be (he still thinks Catholics are fundamentalists). (Personally, I’ve seen too many inconsistent liberals act like total and complete douches to be convinced of their constant utter “right-off-the-bat” dismissals of those that would define things differently than they do. If you ask me, so many liberals act like the mirrored reflection of their so-called “fundamentalist” opponents that I have grave difficulty taking them seriously but I try my best.)

It’s not that I don’t think the world isn’t complex, it’s that a) I do believe there are moral lines to be drawn (and so do about 99.999% of people in this world) and b) if you reject the usage and legitimacy of monasteries, you are a hypocrite to acknowledge a patron saint who was an abbot. But accusing people who believe there are lines to be drawn or see hypocrisy in certain practices is pretty much the liberal’s way of asserting that the anti-liberal is the one who needs to change their mind (hence, the liberal boils down to what they dismiss as fundamentalism as well). Regardless, I’ve decided to stop taking my dad with any level of seriousness when it comes to his statements on religious traditions. Why? He has no education in that other than the one-sided stuff he’s read (he still thinks that since most people are Christians, their concept of Jesus must be the only legitimate one and this is irrefutable evidence). I, on the other hand, actually do interact with religions on a whole variety of bases. This is partly a reason why I believe Catholicism is true (by the way, he was pestering me for a while as to whether my studies had proven something like Christianity true to show how confused he is here and he still perceives Islam as inherently pro-war).

Enough of that though. How was the Episcopal service I went to last night? It was honestly boring. It was plain. One thing I noticed was how their cross still had nails in it. I wanted to ask their priestess or deaconess as to why there were still nails in the cross. Was there difficulties in getting the body off of it or did you just put the nails in without the guy for show? But then again, why run the risk of being labeled a fundamentalist? Honestly, defending the sacred actually isn’t a sign of fundamentalism. (And if it is, just toss the creeds of the Christian Church as having been concocted by angry, pre-fundie Christians.)

There wasn’t much to look at in there. It actually ended up getting kind of boring. I mean, there are only a few decorations. Inside a Catholic or Orthodox Church, one could honestly say they felt like they were in Heaven. Inside the Episcopal Church (at least the one I was at) there wasn’t much of that going on. There were kneeling benches but Byzantine Christians don’t kneel during their services. The Nicene Creed cited had the filioque clause in it (bizarre, a Church that rejects Catholicism still uses a Roman Catholic creed) but Byzantine Christians don’t maintain the filioque clause (uh-oh, now who’s the “fundamentalist”). The Christmas carols were boring and repetitive. Not that they aren’t great in a certain context, just not great in this context.

I would give the Episcopalian Church a “C” in the gradebook overall. It has it’s values here and there but it’s epistemological approach seems to ultimately end up killing it. All honesty, I was quite well attracted to the Episcopalians before I made the ultimate decision to become a Catholic. You Catholics can actually thank my atheist older sister who eventually convinced me that more liberal Protestant Churches were just maintaining to accommadationalist theological apologetics and were in all honesty quite bankrupt (Marxist style “opium of the masses”). It attempts to maintain a great faith tradition but it aligns with Protestantism in killing mystical values left and right. The women priests and bishops are more like the Evangelical preachers that I’ve seen as opposed to the devoted servants. I must say, after visiting this Episcopal Church, I am not ashamed in the least bit for maintaining and entering into the Catholic faith instead.


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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