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On Pirates and Privateers

I guess the conversation started last Thursday in my class on Europe’s Reformations. The professor was talking about the Hussite heresy and how John Huss was burned for his heresy. The heresy was of teaching communion in both kinds. I … Continue reading

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Reasons Why I Hate the Bible

I’m shockingly one of very few “Christians” (I’m not one any longer, don’t know what I am, was an Eastern Catholic Catechumen and still desire to be an Eastern Catholic but need peace) who absolutely hates the Bible. I will … Continue reading

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My Two Cents on Dale Tuggy and Fr. Aiden Kimel’s Debates

Fr. Aiden Kimel and Dale Tuggy have both been going back and forth on the subject of the Trinity for a while now. I was just a little bit tired of standing on the sidelines so long. It seems odd … Continue reading

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For The Bloggers on Jessica Hoff’s Blog

(…and for other bloggers that have helped me sort things out at this moment in my life recently) this is my thanks.

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“Death Be Not Whatever”

A clip from a Joan of Arcadia episode.

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I don’t want to be miserable

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Can God’s Existence Be Proven?

I was reading Fr. Aidan Kimel’s blog post published today about whether God’s existence can be proven and I wanted to give a brief response to a statement made in it. Back in 1975 I became a theist on the … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Attending Liturgies Any More

I was debating this morning as to whether to go to liturgy this week or not. I decided not to. Yes, I know that there’s the whole mortal sin issue but I really don’t care about that any more. I … Continue reading

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In Defense of Infant Baptism

My dad stated a while back that infant baptism was instituted in response to Islam. I checked this out and found it to be a lie (again, I’m not even certain what extent Protestants can be labeled as honest any … Continue reading

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Reasons Why I Really Hate Protestants

1. Protestants are the proponents of mass confusion and mass hysteria in our world today. Because of their sola scriptura heresy, they’ve advocated numerous ways to interpret the Bible that which has ultimately led to little or no progress within … Continue reading

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I Was Commanded to Re-Post This

*I have blue eyes! And in other news, I’ve started up school again this week. I’m taking six classes. Existentialism (the professor’s making it a class-led course and has us writing blogs which you can follow my blog for the … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t All Three Die For Me?

This was a question I asked when I was still an heretical unitarian subordinationist (I know, I know, they improperly called it subordinationalism). Any way, I was wondering how us Trinitarians should answer this question when it is asked to … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of the Rose

I was thinking of what to give to you my queen. Something that would show all that you have done for me. And I all I could think of was a flower. But not just any flower, a rose. I’ve … Continue reading

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My Immortal Queen

Am I your foolish mortal boy? It’s silly, I know. I’ll get over it, I keep telling myself. But then I imagine. I imagine myself seeing right down into your eyes and knowing who you are and I realize that … Continue reading

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Thank You Catholics

After watching this video, I can only say that I’m glad to be entering into a Church that at the very least recommends that one not eat meat, eggs, or cheese on at least Wednesdays and Fridays.

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