H.P. Lovecraft in Music

I was actually inspired to write this after reading Brian Niemeier’s post today on his play-through of the video game, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. I actually decided to write this primarily for him since he comes here often and comments and his comments are always very much appreciated. However, I won’t be writing much except commenting on the depictions of H.P. Lovecraft in music. Observations that I actually noted just now. So it turns into entertainment for everyone! Woo-hoo! Here are some songs, can’t promise you’ll like them though.

Honorable mentions include Morbid Angel, a death metal band that apparently was inspired by a writing that H.P. Lovecraft was written by his “Mad Arab”, and a post-punk band (the only other non-metal band I’ve noticed has done anything dealing with H.P. Lovecraft) named Flint Glass. Other death metal and doom metal bands that have done stuff on Lovecraft include Catacombs, Electronic Wizard, and Portal. Most of the music done about H.P. Lovecraft has been done by extreme metal bands with the exceptions of Nox Arcana (posted here first) which is a dark ambient band and Flint Glass which is a post-punk band. But apparently an electro house band called deadmau5 also has a song about Cthulu.

There is debatably one other band that is not extreme metal but because of their influence on the black metal scene, cannot be waved off as being “not” extreme metal and that is Mercyful Fate. Metallica has other songs on Lovecraft but I posted their version from their more influential album on the thrash metal scene, Ride the Lightning. Most metalhead extremists frown upon their The Black Album music and beyond as being a departure from their once-metal domination. Cradle of Filth switched over to becoming an extreme gothic metal band from a symphonic black metal band sometime around Midian. It is typical to see them classified as black metal with heavy gothic metal influences as well as extreme symphonic metal. Therion started to move toward a more symphonic metal sound in 1995 while still retaining heavy extreme metal infleunces from their earlier death metal days. Bal-Sagoth is symphonic black metal and Septic Flesh is symphonic death metal. Draconian is doom metal (doom metal is the oldest variation of extreme metal). I guess Lovecraft just makes for some good gore music every now and again as extreme metal is typically known for its intense lyrical topics and performers (King Diamond of Mercyful Fate is a Satanist and Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth is a Luciferian).

Advisable not to look up the lyrics to any of these songs if you enjoyed them a lot as within the extreme metal genre, there is a lot of raunchy stuff that may ruin the song for you though most of the extreme metal artists I listen to (including Cradle of Filth–but if you’re a feminist, you may differ!) rarely throw in raunchiness into their lyrics except when they feel it absolutely necessary. Ironically, most of the time, they only sound evil but are no where coming close to this. One of my favorite extreme metal bands is Darkthrone who has a song called “Leave No Cross Unturned” which came out last year–they were unfamiliar with the cross of St. Peter.

By the way, here is an image of the cross of St. Peter.


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2 Responses to H.P. Lovecraft in Music

  1. brianniemeier says:

    Thank you, sir! A worthy selection of songs to honor HPL indeed.

    And good job pointing out St. Peter’s cross.

    • i was either fortunate enough or unfortunate enough to have gone to two high schools at the exact same time thereby graduating from both. a public high school well-reknowned for its football (terrell suggs of the baltimore ravens went there)–hamilton high school. and a private, special education school.

      because of this, at the public school, i usually had one of those aids/assistants there who provides services to the students. well…it just so happened that one of these aids was a lovecraft fan and would talk about cthulu all the time and there was also a math teacher that dug cthulu as well as star wars.

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