Catholic Sex Abuse?

I was looking up a saint name for a Bagon I had captured in my Pokemon Black 2 game today (I’ve taken the liberty to name some of my Pokemon after saints–all of them have nicknames) and I had found the saint name for it on a Catholic news website that I sometimes visit talking about the United Nations wants the Catholic Church to bow its knees. Interested of course, I clicked over to it, and sure enough, it was reporting more polemicist attacks made on the Catholic Church by two sources that are drawing on one primary source stationed in countries and territories that defend innocence until proven guilty. This is about all I am going to ever say on this issue and I’m absolutely certain that like the inquisitions, Catholic apologists, anthropologists, and sociologists are going to be wondering why they ever wasted their time responding to such polemical arguments like this, but really, to say that a) the Vatican hasn’t done anything about sexual abuse cases is false, b) to frame the argument as if priests are the only ones who have done this sort of thing is lying to yourself, c) coercing people into radical leftist ideas is equivalent to coercing people into radical rightist ideas of which both rightists and leftists need to be banished, d) solving issues does not equate to creating culture war after culture war, e) remember what it is you have stated about law before considering others guilty (I could accuse one of your men of raping me after about a month of hanging out with you and according to your legal philosophy and you would have no other choice but to believe me), and f) actually study up other equally relevant source material on these issues before casting a final judgment.

That said, I’m not saying that there has been no abuse by priests upon children, however, it is important to recognize that legal philosophy is a whale of a lot more complicated than most polemicists would like it to sound. That, and political philosophy is a whole lot less black and white than the republi-tards and the demo-conservatives would want you to believe. That’s why the voting system here in the United States is so bankrupt and doesn’t really allow people to critically think. If it did, we’d have at least ten people running for one seat in the white house (sorry, Obama that was racist of me, I mean black house–no that’s probably also racist–we’ll call it “the house” but it’s not really “the house”, that’s not specific enough! AAAAAARGGH!).

*On a side note: at least I don’t belong to the party that “started the civil war, were die-hard Confederates, enacted the Jim Crow laws, [and] Founded the KKK“.


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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