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Apologies about my raunchy post yesterday. That was vile of me. Going off of food for 24 hours isn’t starving. Going off of food for 48 hours a week on two days that are separated by another day isn’t starving. … Continue reading

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Dear God, Thank You for Your Fan-Club

In these recent times, I’ve been having struggles dealing with the concept of a God who reaches down to me since I never was lucky enough to have God starting from birth. It might be because of my depression which … Continue reading

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Distress in Faith

I tend to have a lot of struggles with faith. I wasn’t born into the proper religion, I was taught instead that being a Christian meant that someone made an affirmation of their faith internally. That is, that being a … Continue reading

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My Bi-Polar Faith

Well…we all have one. Here’s a brief summary of mine. Atheist-theist-atheist-theist-theist-atheist-theist-theist-theist-atheist-atheist-theist-atheist-atheist-atheist-so on and so forth…always an agnostic. So bi-polar. On a side note, I talked with my counselor about my depression-excitement-depression-oh you get the point. He said I might have … Continue reading

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What If the Arians Had Won?

I must state, I am a little bit disappointed that Professor MacCulloch didn’t really seem to answer this question, however, I think some of his points were great. For instance, would the Arians have enacted the bureaucratic inquisition as did … Continue reading

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Followers God Would Rather Not Have

On the Uncyclopedia, there is a list of followers that God would rather not have. Based on some of my experiences with Christian literature, scholarship, and blogging, I have decided to create my own list of followers that God would … Continue reading

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I’ve Had it With Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick

“Fr.” in this context is an abbreviation for a certain word that I dare not say for it upsets some people. First off, don’t become his apologist. If he truly is in support of something that which has a strong … Continue reading

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I, the Destroyer

I took a moral compass quiz today. Here are my results… Destroyer, 90% Loner, 85% Citizen, 80% Miscreant, 75% Conqueror, 70% Altruist, 70% Guardian, 65% Narcissist, 60% Hedonist, 60% Pacifist, 40% I’m quite astonished at them. I always thought I … Continue reading

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Ethics With a Soundtrack

Dr. House and Dr. Cameron are both polar opposites. House envisions accomplishing every task through the use of rationality. He is also misanthropic. Cameron believes that there is good in everyone. Should Gregory House really be healing patients like he … Continue reading

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Why a Male Protestant Pastor/Minister/Priest Would Want to Support Egalitarianism

In the past, I’ve commented numerous times as to how Protestant male educators in the Christian circles are only supporting egalitarianism because they are turning the sacrament of holy orders into nothing more than a power-grab away from the mystical … Continue reading

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Hans Urs von Balthasar: Credo

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Protestantism and Ministry

Since women were created to compliment men (and vice versa) it seems that having a mixed elder board, for example, would be advantageous. The unique qualities of femininity (e.g. relationality) would contribute and compliment the group. Further, having women on … Continue reading

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A Female Bishop

According to one source, St. Brigid was apparently ordained to the episcopate. Feminist scholars sometimes use this to support the position that women can be ordained. But apparently not all feminist scholars are convinced of this (this is primarily because … Continue reading

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The Necessity of the Seven Sacraments

In Catholic theology and Eastern Orthodox theology I believe too, the sacraments show God participating in our lives and with us at the liturgy. It is God, breathing life into his Church–his bride. I come from a background that challenges … Continue reading

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Social Justice and the All-Male Priesthood

When you frame the argument that an all-male priesthood violates the norms of social justice, you are completely missing the point of what it means to be a priest. It further indicates that you hold no responsibility whatsoever yourself. For … Continue reading

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Help me, god…

Genesis 32:22-31 – The same night he arose and took his two wives, his two maids, and his eleven children, and crossed the ford of the Jabbok. He took them and sent them across the stream, and likewise everything that … Continue reading

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It’s the Eucharist! Bon Apetit!

Chips and salsa. I like me some nachos! Jesus says that these nachos are his body and blood. They’re special nachos! Thank God for sending Jesus to declare Ritz crackers with tomato bruschetta his body and blood. Yes Jesus, I … Continue reading

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What is Sola Scriptura?

‘Scripture alone’ needs to be understood in a particular, technical light. Protestantism was not crudely fundamentalist in that it did not (at this stage) teach a literal inspiration or verbal inerrancy; indeed its attitude to the canon would scandalize many … Continue reading

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Music For My Anglican Friend

I find the themes expressed in this music video to be quite truthful and the song’s lyrical thematics actually match the song for once. Apparently, the video is supposed to be based on the Biblical story of Job. The band’s … Continue reading

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