Protestantism and Ministry

Since women were created to compliment men (and vice versa) it seems that having a mixed elder board, for example, would be advantageous. The unique qualities of femininity (e.g. relationality) would contribute and compliment the group. Further, having women on a leadership team enables those making decisions that affect women to better understand women. Granted these points are not conclusive, but I do believe they nudge us towards egalitarianism. (Hovey, “Women in Ministry”, 4)

This is actually an interesting statement that I fully, 100% agree with. However, it certainly does not support the notion of nudging us toward women priests in the Catholic Church. It simply reveals a giga-separation gap between Protestants and Catholics. Note that in Protestantism, it is only the leadership teams (the pastors, the priests, the elders, the ministers, etc.) that make changes to what the Protestant church believes. In the Catholic Church, the situation is quite different. We actually have a complexity of religious orders that influence the beliefs of the cardinals and the pope, we also have canon lawyers with a mixture of male and female canon lawyers that have the authority to interpret canon law. Thus, while the point my friend makes here is valid in terms of Protestant views of women in ministry, it really doesn’t say much about the absence of women priests and how they affect the decisions that affect women. All this shows is that while the Catholic Church is very anarchistic in its way of understanding the priesthood, Protestants still believe strongly that being a minister to others means “lording them over”. Well, Protestants have to grow up eventually.

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  1. i should point to jaroslav pelikan’s “vinidcation of tradition” as well.

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