A promise kept.

A friend wanted me to give him an Orthodox perspective, and I agreed, yet in my heart I felt that I could not meet his expectations. I could perceive that he most likely had a better idea of Orthodoxy than this miserable sinner. Yet I see great potential in him and want to encourage his walk towards Christ’s peace, knowing that at times I feel that I am far from it. Yet I do worship and pray to an all loving, all powerful, all wise God and I have committed myself to the Orthodox faith and can no longer turn away from any promise, even if it is at times beyond me. I must turn to God and exert what little faith that I do have that He will guide me where He wants me. So I pray for myself, for my friend and I do the best that I can.Image

I made this meme and it ain’t Orthodox, yet it does convey what I feel needs to be said. I know that there are folks like Father Kimel that can teach Orthodox theology a whole lot better, also Father Stephen Freeman has given me much to think on. so I sign off leaving you with this song to consider.



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I am just another one struggling toward the light.
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6 Responses to A promise kept.

  1. jrj1701 says:

    Well dude, I have banged my heart against the world and I am very tired and confused, I don’t know if I will be around or if I will even be missed, I need to get some things straight and my personal life is a mess. I still pray for you and believe that God will help. Don’t let the evil one win no matter what and don’t give in without a fight.

  2. brianniemeier says:

    Outstanding post. You are paying the price of dissent from the world, but in the end it’s worth paying.

  3. “there are folks like Father Kimel that can teach Orthodox theology a whole lot better, also Father Stephen Freeman has given me much to think on”
    a) I don’t want a lecture on Orthodox theology, b) your statement is too focused on clericalism, c) create more posts according to what you can, not what you can’t. I win!

    • jrj1701 says:

      Were we playing a game my friend??? If so, I am glad that you have found victory, I hope and pray that you gain good. peaceful feelings from this victory and that it lifts you up to realizing His Truth and Love and later this month I will give you some of my take on living as an Orthodox Christian.

      • WE ARE ALWAYS PLAYING A GAME!!! LIFE IS A GAME!!! “I don’t know the rules!” (Joan), “And yet you still play.” (God)

        But this win is different because in life, two can win because NO ONE PLAYS AGAINST EACH OTHER BUT THEY PLAY AGAINST THEMSELVES! Thus, it’s a “win” for ME just as much as it is a “win” for YOU! Why? BECAUSE WE’RE BOTH STILL ALIVE AND WE BOTH DESIRE TRUTH!!!

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