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St. Michael Prayer

I’m writing the following prayer down for my deacon today so he can see that I’ve memorized it as we watch yet another video from Fr. Barron’s New Evangelization series in ECF class tonight. It reads as follows: St. Michael the … Continue reading

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Christianity–Philosophy or Person?

I recently ran across this post of Geoffrey RS Sales on Mother’s blog where he attempts to distinguish Christianity from an intellectual tradition by maintaining that it’s about a person. This argument came up from Fr. Robert Barron in his … Continue reading

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Oh, yes, we shall be in chains and there will be no freedom, but then, in our great sorrow, we shall rise again to joy, without which man cannot live nor God exists, for God gives joy: it’s his privilege–a … Continue reading

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All Saints’ Day

This past Sunday was All Saints’ Day for Greek/Byzantine Catholics my archpriest was telling me yesterday as I called him on the phone. One thing that you notice about all the saints is that they all had doubts and that … Continue reading

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