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St. Michael Prayer

I’m writing the following prayer down for my deacon today so he can see that I’ve memorized it as we watch yet another video from Fr. Barron’s New Evangelization series in ECF class tonight. It reads as follows: St. Michael the … Continue reading

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Talking to My Deacon and Resting on My Friend’s Shoulder

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never really had a one-on-one conversation with him before…I just sat at his table during an ECF class one night and heard him talk about despair and then he turned to me and said, “You … Continue reading

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Fr. Kimel requested I do some praying and discerning about where God is trying to lead me as I feel genuinely pulled by God into three directions right now. I’m not entirely certain as to what “discipleship” is but if … Continue reading

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Counting Down the Days…

approximately 10 1/2 to 11 months before my life gets back to normal… approximately 46.5 to 48 weeks… approximately 325.5 to 336 days… approximately that long until I am hopefully safe with Auntie from all the forces of decadence and … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget “Our Song”, Mother

Of course, right now, I’m taking the female position and you can take the male position–“tell him that you miss our ‘little talks’”…

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Christianity–Philosophy or Person?

I recently ran across this post of Geoffrey RS Sales on Mother’s blog where he attempts to distinguish Christianity from an intellectual tradition by maintaining that it’s about a person. This argument came up from Fr. Robert Barron in his … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Game!

We’re going to play a game! Any one who reads this post can play this game also though you may miss out on a hell of a lot of fun (literally–hell)! Because I struggle with cutting and depression and the … Continue reading

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Pray for me, Mother…

…I need an exorcism.

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How Did You Convert?

I often wonder if someone else has a similar conversion story to mine so I wonder how you converted from x to religion y. Just write your story in the comments below.

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Doubting the Sacraments

That lovable Saint Therese of Lisieux…says, for example, ‘I am assailed by the worst temptation of atheism’. Her mind is beset by every possible argument against the faith; the sense of believing seems to have vanished; she feels that it … Continue reading

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God Speaks…

Try as he might, Mack could not escape the desperate possibility that the note just might be from God after all, even if the thought of God passing notes did not fit well with his theological training. In seminary he … Continue reading

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Oh, yes, we shall be in chains and there will be no freedom, but then, in our great sorrow, we shall rise again to joy, without which man cannot live nor God exists, for God gives joy: it’s his privilege–a … Continue reading

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All Saints’ Day

This past Sunday was All Saints’ Day for Greek/Byzantine Catholics my archpriest was telling me yesterday as I called him on the phone. One thing that you notice about all the saints is that they all had doubts and that … Continue reading

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My Archpriest

I was talking to my archpriest just now about my struggles with the faith and all the details in the catechetical instruction classes that one must learn and go over. I loved talking to him! He was able to give … Continue reading

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Why I Just Want to Blow Off Any And All Catechetical Instruction

The scars on my arms show my cries to God quite well constantly asking him on and on, “How much longer?” How much longer until I am freed? How much longer until I’m rescued? Auntie says I just need to … Continue reading

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My parish priest…

I met with my parish priest yesterday and I had the initial impression that I’d be able to have more of a command as to what was going on with my journey but it didn’t happen that way. My parish … Continue reading

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My Unlikely Prayer Partner

Julian of Norwich was a Catholic mystic who locked herself up for her entire life. In those days, women didn’t do a lot of the things they did now and as a way of either providing safety for women or … Continue reading

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Another Semester of School…

Well, with the incompletes I took in both Biblical Hebrew and Europe’s Reformations in order to reduce stress, and the finishing up with them both, I am officially through with another semester of school. The grades I received were as … Continue reading

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The Love of God?

Why is it the one central doctrine of Christianity that I struggle with the most? For the life of me, I can’t grasp what “God is love” means or how that’s even a meaningful statement. I read Light for Life … Continue reading

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“Will I be denied Christ–Tourniquet–my suicide?”

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I need your help…

As I start to go back to liturgies again this Sunday, the most difficult thing for me is going to be this “fortress” Christianity I see amongst so many different parishioners. There is this “labeling” and “demonisation” to make themselves … Continue reading

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Called Into All Three – But Why?

I feel like all of these strings on me are trying to pull me into three different churches all at once and it is confusing me. I feel like I am right back where I started when I first started … Continue reading

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