I need your help…

As I start to go back to liturgies again this Sunday, the most difficult thing for me is going to be this “fortress” Christianity I see amongst so many different parishioners.

There is this “labeling” and “demonisation” to make themselves seem more like “the true church” toward other groups and as I’ve already said in another post, I’m not trying to make this a thing about “true church” vs. “false church”. I feel called into a sacramental life, not a life of division which has only led to confusion for me.

The problem is that there are simply manipulative LIES on a recent bulletin at the parish that I’m supposed to receive help at! Pray that I’m able to just go in with a calm mind and simply dismiss any and all forms of ecclesial discussion that come up, will you?

The lies, by the way, are under the section “Who Started Your Church?”


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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4 Responses to I need your help…

  1. Auntie, I’m going to need you to do a little bit more than just click the “like” button.

    • “Who started your church?”

      Lists off names of people on one side and names of churches on the other side–the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus…even though the episcopacy (as we know it) didn’t even come into full fruition until the 4th century C.E. at least. Recalling also debates about the Trinity, Mary, Gnosticism, etc.

      Claims that Anglicans were founded by King Henry VIII even though the Anglicans were around long before that and may even be able to trace themselves to the Magna Carta or even before that to when Augustine of Canterbury was there. Regardless, Anglicans were excommunicated by the Catholic Church and thus are a by-product of the Catholic Church. Same with Lutherans. All by-products trace their origins to…Jesus (assuming Jesus even existed).

    • On the bright side, the bulletin lady (as Auntie has styled her and to keep her anonymous) has problems with this “othering” going on as well.

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