(This is just so idiotic…sound like Bosco?)

(Bosco’s Anti-Catholicism.)


(Sound like something Bosco would do? Sadly, Bosco is no longer with us. ‡‡‡ Too bad he FAKED his death!)

If this is Bosco, this is also QVO. QVO is pretending to be a Christian just like Bosco, one being extremist Catholic, the other being extremist anti-Catholic. Okay, give it up for both of them now!


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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5 Responses to BOSCO REVEALED!!!

  1. St Bosco says:

    You Nimrod, I cant watch the vids cause I don’t have enough mega bytes. So save your rants about me being an atheist for your atheist bible professors. Now theres a bunch of athiests. In the mean time….Eat My Shorts.

    • Bosco,
      I have had one New Testament professor who was a raving liberal but still, nevertheless, a Christian. I have had another Biblical Hebrew professor who was a conservative Evangelical Christian (I think Covenantalist so not exactly your “born again” variety) giving us quite a liberal perspective but still, nevertheless, embracing faith and definitely NOT an atheist! And I have one Hebrew Bible professor who is a lapsed Byzantine Catholic, and, while possibly agnostic or even religiously pluralistic, she might just simply be a lapsed Catholic because there aren’t a lot of Byzantine Rite Churches within walking or bus distance on Sundays…I don’t think she drives.

    • jrj1701 says:

      Bosco, when you are not demonstrating patience and tolerance with criticism, and respond with such a crude remark, you are not bringing folks to Christ, you are sending them away. So the accusation that you are really an atheist that is just trying to disrupt any conversation about unity just might be valid. I have my struggles, yet I know that the style of criticism you bring to the table is more destructive to the Church than beneficial.

  2. theophiletos says:

    While Bosco’s troll-like behavior could point to him being an agent provocateur, and I have observed him “pretend” (poorly) to be a Roman Catholic in order to say more outrageous things than Roman Catholics actually do say, things more in line with his own anti-Catholicism, I regret to say that his particular brand of blinkered criticism is not limited to atheists. I would find it comforting if, wherever I find Bosco disagreeable and a poor reflection of Christ’s character, I could simply say, “Well, he’s only pretending to be Christian, after all.” But instead, I think he’s genuine clay.

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