Bosco is Wrong, I’m Right

Me: Well Bosco, Ezekiel AND Revelation BOTH say there will NOT be a one world government so I believe it! Not some man named “St Bosco”‘s interpretation of it. Not some Catholic’s interpretation of it. I believe the Bible and only the Bible. The Bible say there won’t be a one world government so I believe it! That settles it!

Bosco: You are joking, rite? The whole earth is forced to worship the image of the beast and take his number and you don’t think its a one world govt? It doesn’t matter. Whats going to happen is going to happen. But if you take the mark, you cannot get salvation. Youre doomed. Ill bet youll be first in line to get this new mark.

Me: Bosco, when you say a one world government will wipe out the ruling class, you deliberately ignore the prophecy of Ezekiel which shows us that Germany will attack Brazil (Gomer is Germany), Russia (Gog), led by Magog (aka Vladimir Putin), will attack Israel (aka the Society of Jesus, aka The Jesuits, aka God’s people) and this isn’t going to be a one-world government doing any of this!
In fact, Revelation 17 tells us that after a while of fighting, Brazil and Germany will sign a peace treaty and with Russian attack the United Nations (the Whore of Babylon), burning her peace by peace. Revelation 19 tells us that afterward, these three countries will fight each other (beast–Germany, dragon–Brazil, false prophet–Russia) and then Jesus will come back to pwn all three of them (beast–Lutheranism, dragon–Potuguese Catholicism, and false prophet–Russian Orthodoxy).
It will also fulfill the prophecy of “brother fighting brother” since Portuguese Catholics will attack Jesuits who are also Catholics. But we know the ending–the Jesuits win! So become a member of the Society of Jesus (an all-male organization that excludes women and that since only people who have the initials “S.J.” after their name will survive Armageddon and avoid the Lake of Fire this means that no matter what Auntie does, she’s headed for Hell! :O ) ASAP!

Bosco is WRONG! I’m right.


About newenglandsun

A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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6 Responses to Bosco is Wrong, I’m Right

  1. St Bosco says:

    You need to trade heroin for weed maybe. It don’t zonk you as much. A little beer to mellow it out perhaps.

  2. St Bosco says:

    Youre freakin jokig. You moderate people here? What, are you scared of what people say? hahahahahahahahahahahah. You chicken thief.

  3. theophiletos says:

    Given how much Bosco thrives on being offensive rather than helpful, I’d suggest ignoring him. If he has anything useful to say, then one can benefit from that, but endless debates about interpretation of some of the Bible’s most obscure passages don’t help people find Christ, the only source of true peace.

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