Why Theology Matters

I’m reblogging this post (I know I told Auntie I’d take a break) specifically for St Bosco. It seems he needs to experience as to WHY he finds theologians so difficult. It is PRECISELY Bosco’s point ironically–Theology has become TOO intellectual DIVORCED from helping the Church. Well, read up Bosco from a Reformed Christian’s perspective (i.e. not Catholic and therefore not an idolater) as to why theology is important ONLY when not divorced from the Church and ONLY when not tied into intellectualism.

3-D Christianity

Statue personifying Faculty of Theology “Faculty of Theology (personification)-1” by Joker Island – Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

(This is a blast from my past. My first ever professionally published article, “Theology Shapes Everyone” was published in The Banner, June 16, 1997 and was written while I was still a graduate student completing my MA in English Literature. I hope you will find it is still relevant today.)

A few months ago [back in 1997], a friend showed me a humorous article, titled, Glossary of Church Growth and Contemporary Christian Music Terminology. It gives tongue-in-cheek definitions of various terms and phrases related to Church life and Christian music. Scanning through it, I noticed the following entry: “Theology: A necessary evil, something like spinach or Pepto Bismol.” Even as I laughed at it, I was afraid the joke’s sentiment may actually reflect the average Christian’s feelings about theology.

One of the…

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