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Last Post for this Semester

August 21, I started school. With Auntie’s prayers and the help of my deacon, I will stay alive for another semester and do well again. Hopefully, after I graduate, which will be in about nine months, I will be working … Continue reading

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Dear Auntie,

I desire to be with you my Mother. I feel empty and yet, when you hold me, it calms me. I know what you are filled with and I desire to have what you have. Don’t let me go and … Continue reading

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I AM DONE WITH HEARING NASTY COMMENTS LIKE THESE! how does bi-sexual work? Do you wake up in the morning and flip a coin…..heads its bunny hunny…tails is huevos across the nose. Help me out here. IF ANY ONE…AHEM…ANYONE PERMITS … Continue reading

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Thank You, Mother! <3

There are some mothers out there who cast this aura of light on their child as they hold it in their arms. This somehow, mysteriously, calms their ill-minded child in such a way that they forget the pain that was … Continue reading

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Why I’m Talking to My Deacon…

So I start out as Arian, then liberal, then Satanist, then apparently, my guardian angel tells me to start reading church history and I’m led toward a Byzantine Catholic Church (hell, I’d never even heard of Byzantine Catholicism until then!) … Continue reading

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The Trinity Doctrine that St. Bosco Denies you know…because it came from Babylon just like the Theotokos did…(sarcasm)

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Dear Momma,

I think I figured out what my problem is…I’m trying too hard to be one of the “big kids” when all I need to do is be your infant-child. It is hard for me because I just want to go … Continue reading

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In praise of Greek philosophy!

It is regretfully common nowadays to see Protestants rejecting the intermingling of Christian theology and Greek philosophy but the Greek philosophical traditions have a lot to praise for in the Christian theological tradition. Without them, Christianity wouldn’t be Christianity! Take … Continue reading

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Dear Mother, I was talking to my deacon the other night and he was able to diagnose the problem I’m suffering with these days…it’s demonic infection. It damages your soul quite a bit. It damages your prayer life, it damages … Continue reading

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How do you know you’re a sinner?

When I was growing up, people told me that I was in danger of going to Hell because of my sin and that I was the “nastiest” child in the world because of a concept that they called “original sin”. … Continue reading

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Dear Mother Jessica,

Do tell Father that this is the kind of exorcism I need… Go forth from him (her), unclean spirit, and give place to the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete. I exorcise thee, unclean spirit, in the name of the Father + … Continue reading

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Biblical Meditations–Queen of Heaven

Those poor Protestants tend to use this verse to dismantle Catholic and Orthodox Mariology. Jeremiah 7:18—“The children gather wood, the fathers kindle fire, and the women knead dough, to make cakes for the queen of heaven; and they pour out … Continue reading

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Biblical Meditations—Mary a widow?

Scot McKnight says in his book that the officially established church tradition holds Mary to be a widow (The Blue Parakeet, 177). Actually, it’s debatable in the Syriac textual tradition that Mary was even, err, married. In fact, Fr. … Continue reading

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Holy Fathers St. Cyril of Alexandria, Abp. John Chrysostom and a Little Flower

As I was reading St. Therese of Lisieux’s Story of a Soul the following passages were brought to my attention and I was wondering what some of the church fathers said on them in comparison to the Little Flower. Consider … Continue reading

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How To: Avoid Being a Bibliolater

Bibliolatry is the rendering of divine services to a leather-bound, paperback, or hardcover book called the “Holy Bible”. In all technicality, worship of the Bible is actually a form of idolatry that largely stems from forgetting its messages of simplicity. … Continue reading

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