Dear Auntie,

I desire to be with you my Mother. I feel empty and yet, when you hold me, it calms me. I know what you are filled with and I desire to have what you have. Don’t let me go and most importantly don’t let me falter. I’m pleaing for help from you. I’ve given up on God but this is not what I want! I want peace, joy, love, faith, hope! I want these things that you have. Let me be your child as long as possible. Let me have the satisfaction of having the ignorance of an infant. Grant to me the exorcisms I need. Raise me into your religion so I don’t have to raise myself. Do these things for me, Momma Jess.

Thank you,
Your Child


About newenglandsun

A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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