Last Post for this Semester

August 21, I started school. With Auntie’s prayers and the help of my deacon, I will stay alive for another semester and do well again. Hopefully, after I graduate, which will be in about nine months, I will be working for my Auntie and feeling about as “normal” as “normal” gets.

BUT…I did finish my summer class. I got an A+ for religion and moral issues for a total GPA of 4.33. This semester, I’m taking five classes–all in English. Approaches to religion, England to 1689, Russian Revolution, literary approaches to the Hebrew Bible, and philosophy of law.

There is lots of reading to do so I won’t be here that much. Starting up on getting ahead this weekend though in my England to 1689 class. Sorry about this. But this shall be my last post for a while. Next semester, I’m planning on taking just four classes so I will hopefully be here more next semester updating you on my grad school plans as well as my hopeful progress in visa applications in order to work for Auntie and how that scheduling is going.


About newenglandsun

A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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27 Responses to Last Post for this Semester

  1. St Bosco says:

    I find it miraculous how people who don’t believe in god take bible classes. Then they wind up as Catholic or Protestant preachers. God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he? Keep up the good work, NewEngland!

  2. St Bosco says:

    Having to invent people to comment on your blog? Or are you a multiple personality?

  3. St Bosco says:

    Ah, so what.It don’t mean nuthin anyway. just more catholic hog wash.

    • You might want to check Marie’s most recent comment Bosco.

    • jrj1701 says:

      Same tired tune Bosco, you keep throwing rocks at Catholics, and you don’t even address the real problems with the Church, you just blindly do the work of the evil one, though you think you are doing the will of God. If you are going to take on something then learn about it, learn the heart and mind of your enemy, and in this case you might find that they ain’t really your enemy.

      • St Bosco says:

        Go back to sleep brother IRI. Hell, im tired of these idolatrous catholics saying I hate catholics and view them as my enemy. They say that because it takes the heat off the CC for their idolatry and wickedness. Turn the tables onto me…Bosco is the bad guy. he shouldn’t talk about the idolatry in the CC. Hes a bad person. Shut up and get back to your crying Mary plaster casts.

      • jrj1701 isn’t an idolatrous Catholic, he’s an idolatrous Eastern Orthodox Christian. There’s some minor differences but theologians like to go all froo-froo over these differences.

        And you view Catholics as idolatrous and idolatry as an enemy so therefore–Catholicism, according to you, is the enemy.

      • jrj1701 says:

        Bosco we keep having these discussions because you refuse to learn, you have made up your mind and there is nothing else to learn. The heat that you put on Catholics won’t diminish when you decide to remove your voice, there are plenty to take your place because there will always be contention and persecution until Jesus returns and settles the issue, yet if you listen to who you claim is in your heart, then you would not add to the persecution of others and be concerned with your salvation.

      • St Bosco says:

        Who the hell am I persecuting Iri? Who do I send to bed without dinner? Who do I burn at the stake? I tell my catholic friends to get off their knees befor these catholic graven images. I tell them to ask Jesus for salvation instead of relying on costume perverts to dish god out to them. This is what you call persecution? Its hurts you to hear my message. its the same message as the Gospel. Down the line catholics hate this message. They want to hear the words of catholic writers and talk about golden trinkets and which ritual works better. They have no use for the risen Christ. They want statues of men.
        Marys plaster cast is crying fore you. Better go bow down befor it befor she comes and gets you.

      • Bosco, numerous times you have been corrected on the issue of iconography and how it is NOT idolatry.

        Persecution BEGINS with stereotyping. Read this article I found here from Msgr. Charles Pope:

        Excellent article. Enjoy it. But I will also quote from it in case you refuse to read it.
        “Here, then, are the five stages:

        I. Stereotyping the targeted group – To stereotype means to repeat without variation, to take a quality or observation of a limited number and generalize it to describe the whole group.” (Msgr. Pope)

      • Stage 2 of persecution:
        “II. Vilifying the targeted group for alleged crimes or misconduct – As the stereotyping grew in intensity, Catholics and Christians who did not toe the line in the cultural revolution were described as close-minded, harmful to human dignity and freedom, intolerant, hateful, bigoted, unfair, homophobic, reactionary, and just plain mean and basically bad people.

        The history of the Church is also described myopically as little more than a litany of bad and repressive behavior as we conducted crusades and inquisitions, and hated Galileo and all of science. Never mind that there might be a little more to the story: that the Church founded universities and hospitals, was a patron of the arts, and preached a gospel that brought order and civilization to divided and barbaric times in the aftermath of the Roman Empire. The critics won’t hear any of that, or if they do, will give the credit to anyone or anything except the Church and the faith.

        In writing this, I fully expect to get a bevy of comments saying, in effect, that this is exactly what we are. And not only will they feel justified in saying this, but even righteous, so ingrained has this vilifying become in the wider culture.

        As with any large group, individual Christians and Catholics will manifest some negative traits, but stereotyping, vilifying, and crudely and indiscriminately presuming the negative traits of a few to be common to all is unjust.

        Yet all of this has the effect of creating a self-righteous indignation toward believers and of making anti-Catholic and anti-Christian attitudes a permissible bigotry for many today.” (Msgr. Pope)

      • jrj1701 says:

        NES made a good reply, and furthermore I would suggest that you consider

        But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

  4. Marie Daffoe says:

    Bosco, quit being rude to NewEngland! He’s a kind man that is earnestly seeking God’s truth and I hope and pray that he finds it!

  5. April says:

    Congratulations NewEngland! Very proud of you. I know you will continue to do well.

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