Confused About the Trinity…

Please explain, Uncle John.


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6 Responses to Confused About the Trinity…

  1. I’m pretty certain this video misunderstands the nature of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit which is the attribution of the work of God to the Devil but it still confuses me nonetheless. I know the creeds say there’s only one God in three persons but how do people arrive at the conclusion that there are three Gods?


    • jrj1701 says:

      Fear not it is another ploy of those who strictly adhere to the belief of sola scriptura, I do not often enter into these debates because it is foolishness to argue differences in faith held beliefs and does the will of the evil one by disrupting our peace and feeds the passions. This is more Bosco type stuff, scaring the faithful with threats of hell. I will watch this video later tonight and might be able to refute it scripturally, yet I make no promises.

      • I was reading St. Anselm this morning and he refutes a tritheist and says it’s pointless to use scripture to refute these heretics since they interpret it so perversely. The tritheist he refutes asserted that Trinitarians rejected the incarnation!

  3. jrj1701 says:

    Just watched the video and it was as I believed, more twists and turns and basically blaming the Church for the heresy, taking it back to Constantine to try and pull the rug out from under both Romans and the Orthodox, thus justifying the Protestants. The one thing I was quick to pick up on is their twisting of Matt. 12:32 to include denying the Holy Spirit, and I just can not believe that belief in the trinity and trinity theology denies the Holy Spirit or fits into what Jesus was saying. Also the false comparisons with far-eastern faiths is another scare tactic. Trying to spar with these folks using scripture is useless, because as you have already stated they have the meaning of scripture thoroughly distorted.

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