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Marks of a Valid Baptism…

Intent I have concluded recently that the Traditionalist Catholics are correct in their interpretation of the sacrament of baptism and what marks a baptism as being valid. Of course, the implications would exclude the vast majority of Protestant baptisms as … Continue reading

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What Christian Denomination are You Quiz?

I got 82% Episcopalian, 82% Catholic, 49% Lutheran, 49% Restorationist, 32% Methodist, 19% Calvinist, 14% Puritan, 5% Baptist, and 0% Pentecostal. Take the Quiz and tell me what your scores were in the comments section.

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At what point did the reformers cease being Catholic?

At what point did Luther’s teachings transgress the bounds of ‘Catholic’ orthodoxy? This question, which fascinated some older scholars, rests on an assumption unacceptable to modern historians: namely, that there exists an eternal standard of ‘Catholic’ truth independent of name … Continue reading

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Venn Diagram for QuiaVideruntOculi (QVO)

QVO wanted me to make a Venn Diagram of the Pope’s role and authority.

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The Purified Water?

Called to Communion and White Horse Blog posted a while back on the subject of whether baptismal regeneration can be found in the church fathers’ earliest writings or not. I looked into this subject a while back for my dear … Continue reading

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