Spiritual Presence in the Eucharist?

I come from an Evangelical Covenant tradition that taught that Jesus wasn’t literally present in the eucharist but was spiritually present in the eucharist. In many ways, I think the spiritual presence and the consubstantiation doctrines are attempted rationalisations of a mystery that no human is qualified to understand fully. The spiritual presence is a real presence all right and you eat God but you do not literally eat God. You only spiritually eat God. According to John Calvin, Jesus “left the disciples in bodily presence, that he might be with them in spiritual presence” (Institutes, 17.28). If you’ll note, the spiritual presence doctrine is the same as if someone were to go away for a while and say “I’ll be with you in spirit”. Does that really suggest that they will be with us or does that seem like they are abandoning us? I don’t buy into the spiritual presence doctrine concerning the eucharist becaue it seems like Jesus isn’t really with us when we partake of his body. Jesus does not leave us like any old human would do. Jesus unites us to himself in a real, physical way. He is with us until the ages (Matt. 28:20). He is with us in the eucharist. Not in a spiritual way as if he’s left us on our own for a while but is with us in spirit, but in a literal, material way.

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Catholic monarch of the New Roman Coalition. Consecrated to the Apostle Thomas, the Holy Martyr Sigismund, and the Holy Martyr Olaf II.
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