Humility is Obedience to the Church

I know people who find doctrine to be utterly pointless in our modern world and even, to some extent, divisive. Nothing could be further from the truth. The point of doctrine is to teach us humility. When we stick our heads above doctrine and consider it pointless, we are being arrogant. We choose to submit to the church precisely out of humility because we see through the glass dimly. Those who have not humility say we see through the glass dimly and choose their own points of view.

lessons from a monastery

“[W]e keep unchanged all the ecclesiastical traditions handed down to us, whether in writing or verbally”. [The Decree of the Holy, Great, Ecumenical Synod, the Second of Nicaea (7th Ecumenical Council)]

Tomorrow we will proclaim “Anathama!” (you are cut off) to all the self-willed heretics who put themselves before the Church of Christ, adhere to and teach false teachings about Christ, about the Mother of God and many other erroneous believes. The reason for this is because those who teach falsehood do not follow Christ and His teachings and therefore have cut themselves off (anathamized themselves) from the saving grace offered to us in the Church.

Whereas, obedience to every tradition handed down to us, whether written, verbal or pictorial is humility.  Humility is perfect acceptance of all that the Holy Spirit does through the Church. Humility is remaining faithful to the Church no matter how many theologians, professors or…

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