All Christians are Fundamentalists According to John Dominic Crossan!

A sad attempt to justify liberalism and a radical departure from Christian orthodoxy at best. To whom do we trust if we cannot be certain who God even is? We worship what we know, not what we don’t know. Crossan would find himself opposed to the Nicene Creed, the ecumenical councils of the undivided church, and to Christianity as a whole!

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4 Responses to All Christians are Fundamentalists According to John Dominic Crossan!

  1. jrj1701 says:

    This false dichotomy always frustrates me. Both sides are cherry picking and choosing what supports their argument and forgetting reality. Both sides are playing into the problems that plague us, as those who see how to manipulate both sides are reaping the whirlwind.

    • Don’t worry. According to some radical feminists, you and I are not even really Christians (despite the fact that the majority of church theologians throughout the history of the church weren’t supporters of female ordination either). Well, at least someone came around and was able to correctly identify that there haven’t been “real Christians” for about the good chunk of the church’s history!

      • Since you grossly misrepresent what I said here as well, I’ll repeat what I wrote on my blog:

        This one is a particularly uncareful reading of my post so I will respond to that.

        First, to say that the mounting evidence today (the depth of biblical evidence for a revised position, the wholesale shift in culture, and the need for women’s ministry in the church) is undeniably for womens ordained ministry (and ministry at all levels) is not the same as saying that all others should be excommunicated. Its not to say that earlier fathers and mothers were similarly responsible given the evidence available to them.

        Rather, it is a judgement of this one particular theologian (in a rather Protestant fashion) to not formally fellowship with those that decide otherwise. I was (at one time) considering whether the ACNA/AMiA churches were the place for me. Their denial/ambiguity on this issue made that untenable. Similarly, while I sent my son to a Catholic school for a while and still worship with my Catholic students regularly, I could not become Catholic (celibate preisthood would also be a barrier for me). None of these people are outside “my church”,-as if any such thing could exist. But, in my judgement these churches have missed the will of God on this issue. Of course, they believe that I have. That is a much less ultimate claim than you think I am making.

        FWIW: I too value the tradition, not infallibly but at least believing it to be Spirit-led. This is the one area where I think even the 2nd century Christians missed the egalitarian (for lack of a better word) Scriptural impulse.

        Why is it necessary? I’ve already said. This position has always been an error. But in a world where women serve as presidents, CEO’s, AND PRIESTS (in other traditions of Christianity), the prohibition on women’s ordination and leadership is missionally untenable.

        Though I have not acknowledged it as such in this post, this argument is not convincing to the Catholic argument. I have recognized this in previous discussions though I dont remember where I’ve written as such. The argument you cite from Balthasar and the role of tradition in Catholicism aren’t addressed. I suppose that these kinds of arguments make it impossible to change the RC position. That makes me very sad since I otherwise love the RC very much.

      • You might consider rechanging the name of your post then to “Why I feel ordaining women is no longer an option for the church” to prevent confusion in the future.

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