Evangelical Bible Scholar Scot McKnight Blocked Me From His Patheos!

Well, this is odd. I’ve been blocked from James McGrath’s page twice–the first was for a misunderstanding and after that was cleared up, he unblocked me. The second was for swearing. This one though is odd. I was initially moderated by McKnight but he wasn’t posting my comments. The reason, on one post, some of my comments were deemed offensive. The reason was because I did not agree with his position on women’s ordination. I told him that the other comments I thought were pretty offensive too and he should delete them. He never did. Which indicates my comments weren’t actually offensive, they were just viewed that way because, well, they disagreed with his position. Today, I found out I was totally and completely blocked. Why? Because I disagree with his position. When a scholar does not accept disagreement on a position, you know his position is probably weak as it is. So if you’ve never heard of Scot McKnight before, my advice is to stay far away from his books and pay him no attention. He is intellectually dishonest and he needs our prayers for his soul. Pity him for he is enslaved to a sinful spirit of disunity.

All honesty, disagreement should be allowed but this indicates that McKnight is using his blog as a platform to beat up on those who disagree with women’s ordination. Opponents of women’s ordination should never be beaten up on by any one no matter how many radical egalitarians disagree with them. Their position has had 2,000 years of Church tradition to back them up. Admittedly, my own opposition simply is just due to the fact that I chose to submit to my own Church. I believe my Church is infallible. This was the agreement I made at my baptism. I have stated before and will again, I would rather be a radical egalitarian and at many times I’ve wanted to burn opponents of women’s ordination at the stake. But even if I end up in some other Church that happens to ordain women priests which will probably not be a likelihood judging on the spiritual direction I am heading in, I need to remind myself constantly that opponents of women’s ordination have had 2,000 years of Church history backing their position on this issue and radical egalitarianism is a recent phenomenon deriving from Protestantism. Opponents of women’s ordination should not be picked on, they should be respected first and foremost in this discussion. They have the history, radical egalitarians do not. Dr. McKnight should know better.

If you see this post, copy and paste it to send it to Dr. McKnight in protest of my being blocked from his blog.


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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