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“Africa” by Toto – Ever thought of it this way?

When I first heard the song “Africa” a few years ago, I thought it was initially one of those love ballads about two people coming together in Africa and the music video even supports this theory. But upon further examination, … Continue reading

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Satan incarnate

jrj1701 knows exactly who this is.

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Will the real Episcopalians please stand up?

So someone in the comments section on Peter Enns’s blog made the comment about how she went from being a Unitarian to being an Episcopalian. I made the follow-up question which provoked some response: Nowadays, is there really much difference … Continue reading

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may I have a word with Christian pacifists

First off, it’s not pacifism that I have a problem with nor a pacifistic interpretation of the Bible. I find pacifism to be a highly admirable position and have frequent disagreements with my own father when it comes to topics … Continue reading

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LIGHTS hermeneutic principle

We talk about Biblical hermeneutics a lot with our dear friend Bosco the Great. I thought it would be good to lay out one method of Biblical interpretation. The LIGHTS method. Most Christians actually affirm this method even if they … Continue reading

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Al Mohler on Baptist converts to Catholicism and Anglicanism…

Scot McKnight has posted about Al Mohler’s reaction to two people from the SBC who have converted to Catholicism and Anglicanism. He cites from Bob Allen at Baptist News Global: A recent Wall Street Journal story profiling twin brothers who … Continue reading

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I’m definitely certain creationsciencestudy is a satire…

Compare the following articles: I swear they went to the Christwire (SATIRICAL–Christian version of The Onion) website for this information.

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Is evangelicalism a Christian denomination?

I’ve seen Evangelical Christians lower-case the term “evangelicalism” when specifically referring to the so-called “Christian” denomination of Evangelicalism/The Evangelical Movement (for the record, I have prayed about this numerous times, and I have become convinced that this Evangelical Movement is … Continue reading

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Catholics/Orthodox Christians are too Old Testament?

I’ve heard Protestant friends of mine talk about how Catholic and Orthodox Christians are too “Old Testament”. At first, I thought that was referring to their emphasis on works in regard to salvation and having engaged more with Catholic theology, … Continue reading

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Lay exorcisms

I have this one on my “to watch” list right now along with Sinister, The Shining, Annabelle, Evil Dead (2013 re-make), The Exorcist, Jessabelle, and many others. From what I’ve heard, this one produces genuine scares. There is a scene … Continue reading

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Am I a Christian?

I’ll admit, I’m definitely no super-Christian if I am one. But sometimes, I wonder if I am a Christian. I know someone who might call this pre-Christian. I’m not certain if the Church I am in is the right one … Continue reading

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Funniest blog EVER!

So a while back, I stumbled across one of the funniest blogs ever. The comments section is even more hilarious. Most of their viewers are atheists who actually question as to whether there can be Christians out there who … Continue reading

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Are Anabaptists orthodox?

I use the term Anabaptist here to refer to someone who deliberately denies baptism to infants. Although technically, the term means “no baptist” and a better term would be credobaptist. I reject the term credobaptist to refer to such people … Continue reading

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The problem with ecumenical movements

There is a problem with ecumenical movements these days. I’ve commented before on my issues with both the CBMW and the CBE. One of the major differences between the two is if you’ll note, the CBMW is compiled of Presbyterians … Continue reading

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Who’s Accommodating Now?

So Dr. Scot McKnight is at it again with the issue of egalitarianism and complementarianism. This time, with the question of whether the complementarians or the egalitarians in the Evangelical world are the ones accommodating. Strangely, McKnight lower-cases the term … Continue reading

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