Killer queen sacrifice by jrj1701!

So here’s the first game that jrj1701 and I played where I was white. It was the third time black won and the first time jrj1701 won. Here’s how it went down:
1. d4 g6 (unusual defense)
2. Nf3 d5
3. e4 Nc6 (white is playing a Blackmar-Diemar gambit variant mixed potentially with an unorthodox fried liver variant–his intention is to turn the king-side knight into a sham sacrifice for a pot-shot on black’s king)
4. Ng5 (fegatello attack advancing) Nh6 (fegatello defended)
5. e4xd5 Qxd5
6. Nc3 Qd6
7. d5 Nb4
8. Nb5 Bf5
9. Nxf7 Nxf7
10. Nxd6† c7xd6 (Queen sacrifice! WHAT?!? Is black not thinking?!?)
11. Bb5† Kd8
12. White takes a look at the board and actually realizes that black’s queen sacrifice was a sham sacrifice. Realizing black not only has better position and is going to go straight for the throat and gain some insurance in the near future, white shows his superior knowledge of chess and resigns.

If you walk through this whole game with a chess board of your own and know your styles, you will realize that this is a more Romantic style of chess play. The Romantic style consists of making real sacrifices and sham sacrifices in favor of a positional uppherhand or for an easy snipe on the opponent’s king. Variants of Romantic style chess include the Scandinavian defense and its sub-categories (Icelandic gambit, Portuguese gambit, Ilundian defense, etc.), the French defense, the Italian opening and its variants, and the Sicilian defense.

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