Scandinavian declined again?!? I’m a FAILED teacher!

I thought I had taught jrj1701 properly about the Scandinavian defense declined. NEVER for white’s second move go e5! That is a blunder! There are two things white going e5 on his second move does when the Scandinavian defense is played: it allows black to go transpose into a French defense better protecting his king 2. … e6 3. … c6 4. … Bd7 (not necessarily in that order), it allows black to aim an attack at your own pawn with Nc6 on his second move (also protecting king) and it allows black to set up for a Portuguese gambit variant. These are all no good for white!

Better second moves for white would be 2. Nc3 … defending pawn at e4 and attacking pawn at d5 (if white’s a Romantic-style chess player, he won’t mind exchanging a knight for a pawn, plus, d5 is being protected by e4), 2. e4xd5 … (though black might want to play an immortal queen game by following up with 2. … Qxd5 and bringing his queen out into the open if black’s a Romantic-style chess player), 2. Bb5 … attacking white’s king is a good second move though black might follow up with 2. … c6 3. … b5 driving bishop back into total uselessness. Alternatively, white could switch into Mieses opening by going d3 on his second move (defending pawn at e4 and developing queen side bishop as the king-side bishop isn’t going to be useful at this point any way) but e5 is the worst move for white to make on his second move against the Scandinavian defense. NEVER play e5 or black will always WIN!


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