Suicide watch shirt–REALLY?!?

So here is apparently the argument for the complete and overall mockery of people who struggle with depression and suicidal tendencies. Apparently, since we still have the death penalty, it must be fun watching someone die. Apparently, these defenders of the humor of the shirt have actually completely missed the point of the death penalty! Human life is sacred and under no means should human life be taken! So why do we still have the death penalty? Because when someone is found guilty of a crime against the law, they have surrendered what it means to be human and have completely given up their entire humanity to the state/church/whatever. Someone who is suicidal is struggling with personal demons of their own (you can read “demons” figuratively if you don’t believe in that kind of stuff but I do). Someone who is suicidal has not surrendered their humanity and to act like they have dehumanizes them which ironically does not dehumanize them but rather yourself. So basically, if you wear this shirt, you’re a dick and should be castrated–now that’s a funnier joke.


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25 Responses to Suicide watch shirt–REALLY?!?

  1. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    Are YOU completely out of YOUR GODDAMNED MIND NES ?! ( SORRY but I really just can’t say it in NO OTHER WAY ! ) SOMETIMES a crime that has been committed is really,truely,honestly SO ABSOLUTELY HEINOUS & ATROCIOUS & EVIL that the one who did it REALLY NEEDS TO DIE ASAP ! ( and DON’T make TAXPAYERS PAY to keep their ABSOLUTELY SORRY & EVIL & WORTHLESS ARSES locked up ! )

    FOR JUST 1 REALLY GOOD EXAMPLE of what I am talking about here : not too long ago ON NANCY GRACE she reported about a man who SET A YOUNG WOMAN ON FIRE, he poured LIGHTER FLUID all over her while she was in her car and the autopsy team even found out that he had POURED LIGHTER FLUID DOWN HER MOUTH AND NOSE TOO before he set her on fire , and they said that before she died she was on fire all over her body and also ON THE INSIDE ( nose, throat, where he had poured the lighter fluid before setting her on fire ) , and I really don’t think that she really had anything really to do with that ABSOLUTELY EVIL MAN prior to her death / the crime ( that in my absolutely honest opinion REALLY NEEDS/DESERVES TO DIE ASAP ! , he is really not even scum of the EARTH anymore as EVIL as he is , he is really,truely THE SCUM OF HELL for what he did to that POOR GIRL and that is really exactly where he really needs to be sent to ( TO HELL ) ASAP ! ) And IN THE EXACT SAME WAY as he did to his victim ( lighter fluid poured all over him AND into his mouth and nose and THEN a lit match thrown on the absolutely sorry and absolutely worthless 100% EVIL bastard son of a B**** ! ) ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THIS WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD gives ANYONE the right to do something like that to ANYONE else no matter what ! But I’m pretty sure/certain that she really was just a 100% INNOCENT & RANDOM victim of his !

    This ABSOLUTELY EVIL MAN is AFRICAN/BLACK AMERICAN and his victim was A ATTRACTIVE BLOND WHITE YOUNG WOMAN just FYI . I really don’t GIVE A CRAP what his RACE/ETHNICITY /SKIN COLOR is , he really,truely , honestly really needs to be BURNING IN HELL ASAP ! Because THAT CRIME he commited was really,truely,honestly THAT BAD, THAT ABSOLUTELY HEINOUS, THAT ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS, THAT ABSOLUTELY EVIL !!!

    And I really DO NOT want for ABSOLUTELY EVIL,ATROCIOUS criminals like him NOT TO get THE DEATH PENALTY for their CRIMES ! A crime like that really,truely,honestly NEEDS TO GET THE DEATH PENALTY ! ( and people like him really need to GO TO THEIR DEATHS ASAP TOO, so they don’t COST TAXPAYERS MONEY by being ON DEATH ROW for TOO LONG ! )

    He really had ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER to do that to her !!!

  2. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    And this is coming from someone who is naturaly and normaly ( and daily ) GENTLE and NON VIOLENT and COMPASSIONATE / EMPATHETIC/HAVING MERCY the vast majority of the time and overall , but SOME things NES really,honestly do PUSH ME COMPLETELY OVER THE EDGE too sometimes !

  3. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    Do you LIVE UNDER A ROCK somewhere in the U.S southwest desert NES ?! Or has the ARIZONA SUN completely DESTROYED your BRAIN by now NES ?! NES IS ANTI DEATH PENALTY , GOOD GRIEF !!! JMJ ! ( with the kind/type of CRIMES committed IN THE U.S.A ! )

    • I wouldn’t say I’m anti-death penalty so much as I like punishments to prove a point.
      However, I think you misread. The article attempting to defend this “suicide watch” shirt compares watching someone commit suicide with watching someone being executed. My point is that the two are in completely different ball-parks since a person subjected to the death penalty has already given up their humanity through due process.

  4. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    Are you COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR MIND NES ? ! Did you even BOTHER to READ what HE DID to that young woman ?! WHY should someone like him NOT GET THE DEATH PENALTY ?!

    • THAT man should be put to death after being water-boarded for 8 years minimum, 24/7, 365 days a year.

      • ANONYMOUS 4 says:

        So did YOU used to do that ( WATERBOARDING ) to the prisoners IN GITMO ? Were YOU one of THE SATANISTS that WORKED AT GITMO ? Could ANYONE even SURVIVE waterboarding for AS LONG as you are saying should be done to THAT EVIL MAN ?

      • You’d be surprised 😉
        JK. No. I was never at Gitmo. The Satanists there are all affiliated with our politicians in D.C.

  5. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    YOU NES are also guilty of LIBERALISM now ! YOU come across as A LIBERAL !

  6. ANONYMOUS 4 says:


    • I don’t think that liberals would be happy to have mass murderers tortured THEN executed.

      • ANONYMOUS 4 says:

        I have NEVER EVER wrote ANYTHING above about that man we are talking about here being A MASS murderer so WHERE are you getting this MASS murderer talk from now ?! Did you even ever BOTHER to actually THOROUGHLY READ THROUGH exactly everything I wrote about this crime case ?!

      • Well the man you described is definitely equivalent to a mass-murderer in my book of crime. I suppose it has to do with whether you see him at the same level as a mass-murderer or not.

      • ANONYMOUS 4 says:

        At first you didn’t write anything about him getting TORTURED AND AFTER THAT EXECUTED , all you wrote to me the first time was that according to YOU he should BE TORTURED to teach him TO CHANGE HIS BEHAVIOR ( AFTER HE HAD BURNED A YOUNG WOMAN TO DEATH !!! ) and that was really ALL you had wrote to me THE FIRST TIME about that man , go and THOROUGHLY REREAD your responses to me on this page.

      • Oh. Sorry. My first comment was on the wearer of the t-shirt. Sorry I misunderstood you.

  7. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    TORTURE , is that what you SPECIALIZED IN ( your FORTE ) when you were A SATANIST ?

    • You have much to learn about Satanism my friend. My suggestion, start with Isaiah 14. I’d suggest Levay and Crowley and Nietzsche, but do not touch anything from the pits of Hell my friend.

      • ANONYMOUS 4 says:

        WHAT EXACTLY are YOU talking about here ? So to YOU Levay and Crowley are NOT from the pits of HELL ?! Am I understanding you RIGHT ?

      • No. They are from the pits of Hell. Which is why don’t read them. If you want to know Satanism, read the Holy Scriptures as pretty much everything falling short of the Holy Church is a variant of Satanism.

      • ANONYMOUS 4 says:

        And WHAT EXACTLY do you mean with ” but do not touch ANYTHING from the pits of Hell my friend ? ( do you mean LIKE YOU DO with your METAL MUSIC ? )

        STOP communicating with me like YOU are FROM A DIFFERENT PLANET !

  8. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    So IN REAL LIFE do YOU come across to most people like A REAL WEIRDO ?

  9. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    Are you REALLY/EXTREMELY INTROVERTED and have A REALLY HIGH IQ ? ( honestly now ? )

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