pawns don’t move like donkeys!

Here’s the game situation…jrj1701’s next move was c6xe5. Albeit a clever move to get him out of the inevitable situation I set us up with at the beginning where queens would be off the board, it is an illegal move. My donkey on e5 (more commonly called a knight) threatens the c6, the g6, and the g4 square where his c6 pawn is, his g6 queen is, and his g4 archbishop of chess is currently offering up the litanies for the black team. Only problem is that the movement of pawns is in a straight line. Pawns capture diagonally. So c6 can take d5 but c6 cannot take e5. Pawns can also move directly two spaces on their first move, however, if they move two spaces on their first move and end up next to an adjacent pawn, that pawn can capture the square they would have moved to as if they had only moved one space. This move is called an en passant. For instance–e5 f5xe6e.p.

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5 Responses to pawns don’t move like donkeys!

  1. jrj1701 says:

    My pawn got a warp upgrade.

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