Annoying people in chess online…

There are a multitude types of annoying people I’ve come across. I usually play standard, 15-30 minute games. When you leave me hanging in a hopeless situation and let me win on time when you have ten freaking minutes left on the clock, this is annoying! Recently, today, I played too games in which I won on time. Though honestly, I didn’t have to. I had black pieces in both games. The first game looked like this at the very end.
White’s position is utterly hopeless at this point. The game was a standard, 15 minute game and lasted 46 moves. My opponent was doing quite well at first, however, he blundered allowing me to chase his king around and I was relentless. He lost pieces and things equalized. Eventually, I had a safe passed pawn, exchanged my queen for a rook, and got a new queen. If you’ll notice, he has a passed pawn as well, however, as soon as it’s promoted, the bishop is going to take it whether it’s a queen or a rook. White’s position is utterly hopeless. If you aren’t going to continue playing after reaching this utterly hopeless position, just resign!

The second end game position looked this.Now, in this game, I wouldn’t state that white’s position is utterly hopeless but this is a losing end game position for white. I wanted to keep my queen on the board, but I rationalized that things would actually still get me to a winning position with queens off the board. Any way, it is possible to get checkmate with a bishop, knight, and king so if I happen to blunder away all my pieces, he could probably pull it out but a rook, bishop, and knight against a bishop and a knight is a losing position for white. We just swallowing up his pawns at this point. But again, this game lasted 31 moves and my opponent had seven minutes left on the clock before he finally left me hanging waiting for him to make a move.

There is a resign button for a reason. Some trolls on online chess websites think it’s stupid or immoral to resign in the face of danger and I can see their points as now the ending has to be imagined. I personally don’t. I think resigning shows the player’s greatness in that he knows when he is losing and accepts that the fight is lost. Again, resigning is not always a losing position though. Some resign when they blunder away their queen and I can understand that too. No one wants to blunder the queen away especially on the 6th move of a game.

I’ve been called a “pussy” by someone on a chess website (which ironically actually breaks the terms and services agreement on the website so I ignored the person) for achieving a draw by three move repetition. Of course, given, the person was about 300 Elo points above me so I can understand the frustration as the draw might have actually negatively hurt his rating while positively impacting my own rating. Honestly, going for a draw is not the same thing as being a “pussy”. I respect people who want to play for a draw. They’re trying not to risk anything. I recently had an incredible draw last night with someone about 450 Elo points above me. They’ve frequently creamed me in the past. Playing for a draw is not the same thing as being a “pussy”. In chess, you need to expect your opponent to play the best moves. If his best move is to take the draw opportunity, then you need to just accept that you’re coming away with a draw by third-move repetition. I play someone quite frequently who was about to checkmate me who, if he had the opportunity to move his knight, would have. I achieved a last second draw by three move repetition. We both respect each other regardless of who wins the games.

Other people online who are annoying are people who insult one’s intelligence by going for the scholar’s mate right off the bat. Honestly, I’ve lost to some of these guys many times but this is not the annoying part. Once you become acquainted that their style is to go for the scholar’s mate right off the bat, you can start learning how to utilize the French defense against them and it actually gets them every time. Why? It prevents Bc4. 1. e4 e6 2. Bc4 d5 3. e4xd5 e6xd5 and the bishop has to retreat. At higher level play, the wayward queen (or Parnham attack) is actually considered a sound opening by GM Hikaro Nakamura. 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5 … But no one at high level play is actually using the Parnham attack (if it is at all used to achieve the scholar’s mate. Black has developed great defenses against it. For instance, 2. … Nc6 followed by 3. … g6 is a great way to hinder your opponent’s development because now he has to worry about the safety of his queen. Honestly, I try not to play people who attempt to use the scholar’s mate against me as it simply is an insult to my own intelligence. I prefer to play a much higher rated player who also respects his opponent’s moves as well.


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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