newengland7 upsets blackrook!

Who is newengland7? He is me. Who is blackrook? blackrook is an incredibly gifted chess player from the Netherlands who has played nearly 5,000 games of chess and has an online Elo rating of 1590 right now. My own rating is 1169 but I have played about 926 games so maybe another 4000 or so and I’ll be matching blackrook’s skill. blackrook has crushed me about 10 times in our previous match-ups of course. But this time, I was able to pull out an upset win. Our opening was, ironically, the Dutch defense. I had black pieces and blackrook had white pieces.

So here is the game:
1. d4 f5!? 2. d5 d6! 3. Bf4 Nf6 4. c4 e6 5. d5xe6? Bxe6! 6. e3 Be7 7. Nf3 0-0 8. Bd3 Re8 9. Qc2 Qd7 (just some natural developing moves setting up tension for later in the game so far) 10. Ng5 Nh5! 11. Bg3 Nxg3!? 12. h2xg3?! (opens up a file for his king-side rook which is going to become a little problematic for me later on in the game but he sacrifices his knight for it!) Bxg5! 13. f4 Bf6 14. Nd2 Nc6 15. 0-0-0? (an offensive gesture but this will become problematic for his own king’s safety later on in the game) Nb4!! (forking both bishop and queen threatening check with Sir Gelfand takes St. Augustine of Canterbury–of course, Mary of Scots can always take back) 16. Qb1 Nxd3+! 17. Qxd3 b5 18. c4xb5 Rab8! 19. a4 a6 20. g4? a6xb5! 21. g4xf5 Bxf5 22. Qd5+! Be6 23. Qh5 Bf5 24. g4?? (here is the critical position in the game–natural looking moves are h6 and Bd3…another one is Bg6–but these are all bad moves–black has two good moves–Qc6+! is not my style of play…my style is Bxb2+!! and…) Bxb2+!! (what else but to take the bishop?) 25. Kxb2 b5xa4+!! (26. Ka2 … is bad because of 26. … Qe6+!! threatening 27. … Qxe3!! with the threat of 28. … Qa3#!! so afterwards–other variants of 26. Ka2 … include 26. … Qe6+!! 27. Ka1 Qxe3!! 28. Ka2 Be6+!! 29. Ka1 Qa3#!! and 27. Ka3 Qxe3+!! 28. Kxa4 Bd7+!! 29. Ka5 Qa3#!!. Another possible continuation would be 26. Ka3 … but then 26. … Rxe3+!! 27. Nb3 Rbxb3+!! 28. Ka2 Ra3+!! 29. Kb2 Reb3+!! 30. Kc1 Qc6+!! 31. Kd2 Qg2+!! 32. Ke1 Re3#!! or 32. Kc1 Qc2#!! 32. … Rc3#!! works too. 26. Kc1 … doesn’t work either because of 26. … Qc6+!! 27. Nc4 Qxc4+!! 28. Kd2 Qc3+!! 29. Ke1 Rxe3+!! 30. Kf2 Qe2+!! 31. Kg1 Rg3#!!. 26. Kc3?? … is even worse with the following of 26. … Rxe3+!! 27. Kd4 Rd3+!! 28. Kc4 Qc6#!! or 27. Kc4 Qc6+!! 28. Kd4 Rd3#!!. In the game…) 26. Ka1 Qb5! (threat is 27. … Qb2#!! so) 27. Rb1 (preventing this was played but…) Bxb1!! (if 28. Nxb1?? … then 28. … Qb2# so) 28. Rxb1 Qd3 (with the threat of 29. … Qa3#!! so) 29. Rb2 (preventing this–however, 29. … Qa3+!! followed by 30. Ra2 Qc1+!! 31. Nb1 … and then 31. … Qxb1#!! or even 31. … Rxb1#!!. But not my style–my opponent needs to be tortured as long as possible so) Qc3! (absolute pin on rook!–setting up a very brutal ending for my opponent!) 30. Qd5+ Kh8 31. Qa2 a3!! 0-1 (all of the pieces he has are actually trapped–no good to move any of them. Loses if he does so he resigned at move 31. He had enough torture for the day.)

Position after 9. … Qd7

Position at 24. g4 … The critical position of the game. Black to soon achieve victory.

Position after 31. … a3!! My opponent’s pieces form a tomb around his king. Don’t you like my sadistic artwork?

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