Epic immortal queen game and three king-walk games by yours truly!

All of these are king-walk games but only one of them featured a queen sacrifice early on that still led to victory for me. I will show you them in the time-frame order they occurred in. All of these are blitz games. All of these are just outrageous and insane. You can play them out on your chess board as well.

newengland7 (1014) Johan1968 (1264). Opening: Italian game. I had white pieces and Johan1968 had black pieces.
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bc4 h6 4. Nc3 Nf6 5. 0-0 a6 6. Nd5 c6 7. Nxf6+ Qxf6 8. d3 b5! 9. Bb4 a5! 10. a3 a4! (man, he really hates that light-square bishop!) 11. Ba2 Ba6 12. Be3 Be7 13. Bb6! 0-0 14. Qd2 Nd7 15. Be3 Qg6! 16. Nh4? Bxh4! 17. g3! Bg5 18. Bxg5 Qxg5! 19. f4! e5xf4! 20. Rxf4! Ne5 21. Qf2 Kh7? (this move costs him big time later on) 22. Rh4 Ra7 23. Rf1 Ng4! 24. Rxg4?! (exchange sacrifice!) Qxg4 25. Qg2 f6! 26. Bb1! d5?? 27. e4xd5! c6xd5 28. d4! Qxd4+? 29. Rf2 Qxb2?? 30. Rf1! b4?? 31. c3+!! g6 32. Qxb2!! Bxf1! 33. c3xb4?! Bc4 34. b5?! Rb7! 35. Bc2! Rxb5! 36. Qc3 f5! 37. Bxa4?! Rb1+! 38. Kb2 Rfb8 39. Qf6 R8b2+! 40. Kf3 Be2+! 41. Kf4! Rf1+! 42. Ke5! Bc4? 43. Qe7+!! Kh8 44. Kf6!! f4?? 45. Qg7#!! 1-0
Epic king-walk to mate my opponent with king and queen!

Okay, now the outrageousness begins. Edelweiss (1214) newengland7 (1046). Opening: Dutch defense (what I am going to call the fried fox variant) I had black pieces and Edelweiss had the white pieces.
1. d4 f5!? 2. Nf3 Kf7!? 3. c3 c6! 4. Bf4!! Ke6 5. Be5 d6! 6. Qb3+! d5 7. Ng5+!! Kd7! 8. f3? Qe8! 9. e3? Qh5!! 10. h4 h6! 11. g4! Qg6! 12. g4xf5 Qxf5! 13. e4 d5xe4! 14. f3xd4! Qg6! 15. Bh3+! Kd8!! 16. Nf7+! Ke8!! 17. Bf5?? Bxf5!! 18. e4xf5 Qxf5 19. Nxh8! Qe4+!! 20. Kd2 Qxh1!! 21. Ng6?? Qg2+!! 22. Kd3? Qxg6+!! 23. Kd2 Nd7?! 24. Qxg8? Nxe5! 25. d4xe5? Rd8+!! 26. Kc1 Qd3!! 27. Qb3! Qf1+!! 28. Kc2 Qf2+! 29. Kc1 Qe3+! 30. Kc2 Qd3+! 31. Kc1! Qe3+ 32. Kc2!! Qxe5 (black wanted to avoid draw by repeat moves–he’s playing for the win) 33. Nd2! Qf5+!! 34. Kc1! Qd3!! 35. Qc2! Qh3 36. Qd1?? e6! 37. b3? Ba3+!! 38. Kb1 Qd3+!! 39. Qc2! Qh3!! 40. Qh5+! Kf8 41. Qh5? Qh1+!! 0-1 (Edelweiss lost on time–he was deeply confused about my choice of opening here but alas, there is also a forced mate in four for black any way with the following continuation (only if Edelweiss wants to throw away the queen): 42. Kc2 Qxa1!! 43. Qf7 (or Qe8) Kxf7 (or Kxe8) 44. b4 Qb2+!! 45. Kd1 Qxd2#!!)

Next outrageous game featuring a queen sac early on and voiding a mate in four! Though I’m not going to say my opponent’s weak for missing this in a blitz game as Ivanchuk once missed mate in one against Vishy Anand in a blitz tournament game. Actually, there’s a whole bunch of masters who have missed mate. And despite the person I’m playing against low, online elo, for all I know he could in fact be a master who suffers from severe internet lag. So onto the game. razgreez (900) and newengland7 (1051). Opening, Dutch defense, fried fox variant. I had black pieces and razgreez had white pieces.
1. d4 f5!? 2. Nf3 Kf7!? 3. c3 Ke6!? 4. Ng5+! Kd6!? 5. Nf7+!! Kd5!? 6. Nxd8!! Ke4?? (there is actually mate in four here that my opponent, possibly because of the confusing situation of the position of my king compared to my other pieces and possibly due to time pressure in a blitz game, completely missed!–7. Qd3+!! Kd5 (forced move) 8. c4+!! Kd6 (another forced move) 9. c5+!! Kd5 (another forced move) 10. Nc3#!!…but in the game) 7. Nd2+! Kf4 8. g3+! Kg4 9. e3+! Kg5 10. h4+! Kf6 11. Bc4! e6!! 12. Nf1 d5!! 13. Bb3 Bd6 14. h5!! Nh6! 15. g4? Nxg4!! 16. e4?! Rxd8! 17. e5+!! Nxe5?! 18. Rg1? (he wants to go straight after black king regardless of consequences so the king bait is actually working in this game–black is starting to equalize fast!) Ng4! 19. f4 Bd7 20. a4? Nc6 (black has a more mobilized army and white pieces are all on home squares save for king-side rook and light square bishop despite white being up in the exchange, position is probably better for black!) 21. Ne3 Nxe3!! 22. Bxe3? Na5! 23. Bxd5?? e6xd5!! 24. Rg2 Nc4! 25. Bg1 Re8+!! 26. Re2 Bxf4! 27. Bf2 (white wants only black king with no distractions and I take advantage of this sad mistake) Bxa4?! (queen could easily take bishop but, come on! black king looks like a lame duck out there on f6!) 28. Bh4+? Bg5! 29. Bxg5+? Kxg5 30. Qc1+? Kxh5! 31. Qf4 Bb5!! 32. Qh2+ Kg6 (what follows is a series of blunders from white possibly due to heavy time pressure) 33. Kd1?? Nxb2+?? 34. Kc2?? Bxe2? (better move would have been Rxe2+!! and the game would have ended sooner, any way) 35. Qxg2+? Kf6 36. Qxd5? Bc4! 37. Qg2?? Re2+!! 0-1 (white resigned)

Again, blitz games, when you have less than a minute left and are trying to go out for your opponent’s king for a quick mate and get both rooks involved into the game don’t necessarily produce the best moves so my opponent could be quite great at chess and in fact, in standard, we’re about equal opponents me having won two and him having won two. Some are better at slower chess than blitz chess.

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