Thrashing with the Scandinavian
For some reason, shredderchess has temporarily forbidden me to start games. I’ve learned my lesson though–don’t use the bots to practice playing openings. I was trying to practice the Nimzo-Indian defense with a bot last night and it kept playing different openings and so I kept aborting and resigning games prematurely and I think shredderchess interpreted this as rude behavior and/or Elo fixing. It was neither. It was me trying to practice the Nimzo-Indian defense and the bot not cooperating. Elo fixing you ask? Yes, the bots’ Elo’s are affected by whether they win a game or not and so my resigning a game way too prematurely (like on move 4 when no one’s made any advancements or taken any pieces or anything like that) is apparently fixing the bot’s Elo. I’ve contacted support on this but they haven’t gotten back. According to shredderchess FAQ, this will last 24 hours upon first offense so I will be playing again as newengland7 by about 11pm Arizona time tonight–8 hours from now. Until then, this is a game I’ve played as a guest today. Fr. Kimel wanted some tips on how to play the Scandinavian defense. In this game, I go with the classical variation of the Scandinavian defense. The Scandinavian is designed to be an aggressive opening. One criticism to Fr. Kimel I have in the game he’s showed me of his in which he actually battles white to a draw (which is actually pretty good for the black pieces playing such a highly theoretically erroneous opening which violates numerous opening principles such as don’t bring your queen out too early) is that he castled king-side. This is okay if you’re playing the much more passive Ilundain variation of the Scandinavian defense which is perhaps the oldest variation of the Scandinavian defense. However, when playing the classical variation, you’re looking to castle queen-side and hammer your opponent with your rooks, dark-square bishop, and queen. Just bring pressure on the king-side knight very early on and maintain it as you develop the rest of your pieces. Here, the bot makes a fatal error at move 22 but black has the far more superior position at this point.

About Emperor Thomas I

Catholic monarch of the New Roman Coalition. Consecrated to the Apostle Thomas, the Holy Martyr Sigismund, and the Holy Martyr Olaf II.
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