No guts no glory–defending against a hack attack with brilliance!
So in this particular game, I saw OneKnight open up the file for his rook and debated castling. I think indeed castling was my safest option in this particular game. He played at move 10, Rxf6?!. The problem with hack attacks and piece sacrifices and exchange sacrifices is that there is no plan b. They either work or they don’t. If they don’t work, the one who made them is going to be in trouble when he runs out of attacks.

There was the problem if I hadn’t castled of having even more files opened up for his queen and rooks on my king as well as Bc4!! bearing down hard on the incredibly weak f7 square by my king. I castled knowing full well if there was no defense that I could maintain, I’d be in for a lot of trouble. I won the game ultimately on move 23–the queen sac for the back-rank mate on my opponent sealed the deal.

Opening: Tennison gambit accepted.

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