’s totally bogus draw feature

So in this forum, username Rsava is attempting to defend’s totally bogus draw feature and stating that is simply following the rules of OTB, tournament chess. is NOT following the rules of OTB tournament chess when it comes to draws by third-position repetition or draws by any sort really. In OTB tournament chess, when a position is repeated for a third time (not necessarily in sequential moves either) is reached, a player is allowed to claim a draw and if his opponent disputes, the player who claimed the draw may show the game to an arbiter and the arbiter will enforce the draw.’s draw feature though does not enforce a draw by third position repetition unless a player actually hits the draw button they have immediately following their last move which produced the repeated position. It must be the player who’s turn it was last who can claim the draw though so if my opponent made a third position repetition and I hit the draw button, it will apparently only say that I offered a draw even though in reality, by OTB tournament rules, a draw would be enforced regardless of who’s turn it was especially if my intention was to simply repeat the position. Now, incidentally, also has a pre-move feature where a player can make an intended legal move voiding their requirement to accept the draw. As such, my opponent broke out of the repeated positions and so when I clicked the “draw” button, even though I was trying to claim a draw and even though the game in question was already by nature a draw, all would allow me to do was offer a draw.

As Rsava points out in his comment, in OTB chess, one can offer a draw (to which the opponent can decline as my opponent did numerous times even though my intention was not to offer him a draw), or one can claim a draw if there is grounded reason to do so (such as in the game in question). Rsava earlier claimed simply follows the rules of OTB tournament chess. It does not. There is no “claim draw” feature that I could have used. While enabled my opponent the ability to decline a draw (and believe me, I had a word with my opponent post-game that he had no right to decline the draw offer as I was not intending to offer a draw but was claiming a draw which he cannot decline) but disabled me from having the right to claim a draw even though in OTB tournament chess, I have every right to claim a draw in that situation. So I think we can all see that’s draw features are utterly bogus. In the meanwhile, I have petitioned’s help and support team to edit this game to a draw as it should have been and was.

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