Bosco’s obvious selective Bible reading

Well I don’t know if Bosco will get it but…

Clearly, while he wants Catholics to take literally the verse which says “call no man father” he does not take literally the part which says “this is my body” nor the part which says “this is my blood” nor the part which says that one must be born of “water and spirit”.

Well I don’t want to make this long and I do not think Bosco is going to actually “get” that he is highly selective when reading his own Bible but I do hope that until he starts taking the parts he doesn’t want to take literally literally as well, I do not think he is actually attacking a thing he perceives as “non-Christian” but is in reality attacking his own intellectual capabilities. Until further notice, I deem Bosco an ignoramus.


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4 Responses to Bosco’s obvious selective Bible reading

  1. Bosco the Great says:

    What do you care about whats in the bible? Why do you even pretend to care. You are a useless slug, that wont even get a free coka cola. Now you are on permanent moderation In your aunties site. Good going Bonehead. Come to my shake hands site and apologize to auntie. I have a post for you to do just that.

    • I don’t think I’m on permament moderation. C said it was until I stopped using obscenities (which for him is a long time). But wow, Bosco, I’m impressed with you. You’ve done something unusually Christian today providing a sport for Mother and I to communicate. She might prefer QVO’s place if she decides to due your site being littered with profanity but it was thoughtful of you nonetheless.

      I am a broken person…I just wish you would accept that.

  2. Bosco the Great says:

    You moderate your puissant site? And you want auntie to take you off moderation? You scared shivering little red nosed hypocrite. Take off moderation from your site befor she takes you off of hers. You are a joke.

    • Bosco, I only have you on comment moderation because of vicious attacks on me like this from you. I actually have blocked some people but I have chosen not to block you because I like you here on my blog.

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