St. Ann’s in Tubac, AZ and San Xavier Del Bac in Tucson, AZ

I was trying to send a Catholic deacon I know pictures from the web of St. Ann’s in Tubac, AZ but something screwy went on with the sending via e-mail so I’m going to try to post pictures from the web on here. Also, I was talking to another Catholic friend of mine about San Xavier Del Bac in Tuscon, AZ after I saw her own post on the Holy Family Church in Tucson, AZ. Her video of her pictures from it is posted here as well.

These beautiful churches are musts to visit when visiting southern Arizona. I only regret not having taken any pictures of the former two myself. The third, I have not been able to visit. But here are pictures from St. Ann’s and San Xavier Del Bac. What is interesting about both of these churches is that both, despite being over 100 years old each, are still active. St. Ann’s is located by the museum of the Tubac fort which is built on top of the grounds of the Tubac fort. In fact, the fort was actually converted into the museum.

St. Ann’s…






San Xavier Del Bac…





Regretfully, that’s not all of San Xavier Del Bac. I’ll have to remember to bring my camera next time.

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  1. Wow, those are beautiful! Thank you for the mention too by the way, and for sharing my video. 🙂 Some of them look like Europe!

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