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This is an angry response to the arguments going on on Mommy’s blog frequently these days. Especially these last two days. Do you kids think that these arguments actually help any one come to know Jesus?!? There are many Catholics I … Continue reading

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Anglicanism and the eucharistic sacrifice

I may have misunderstood Mommy but it seems that she thinks Anglicans have historically rejected the eucharist as a sacrifice. The ancient Elizabethan prayer book, after the Communion, reads as follows: O LORDE and heavenly father, we thy humble servaunts, … Continue reading

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Transubstantiation or not?

Okay, now that I have a new computer and therefore more time to articulate my thoughts, I want to put together a more solidified response to Mommy’s article posted today challenging the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation. Well, she starts with … Continue reading

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39 Articles in regard to transubstantiation

So Mommy has deemed me “plain wrong” in regards to Anglican condemnation (or lack of condemnation) on transubstantiation citing one of the 39 Articles. I figured she would… The Article in question reads as follows: Transubstantiation (or the change of … Continue reading

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Orthodox Church and transubstantiation

I have also talked with Lutherans of the LCMS church on this issue of transubstantiation as well in stating the question of consubstantiation vs. transubstantiation. Incidentally, contrary to the statements made by NEO and Jess in regard to this issue, … Continue reading

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This is a continuation of an ongoing discussion with Mommy. I am probably more-so confused by what she is saying than I am saying so to be clear–we both affirm High Anglicanism but I happen to be in a Continuing … Continue reading

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I don’t know what’s more disturbing. Mommy announcing her official retirement from the blogosphere today or perhaps the responses that continue to heap false accusations onto her. If one reads her post from yesterday one can see her intent was to wrestle … Continue reading

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The scriptural teaching of the doctrine of the Trinity

Sadly, there are many Christians and people claiming to be Christians nowadays who are totally confused about what the Trinity teaches and what the Trinity does not teach. I have seen Modalists in the blogosphere who not only state Trinitarians … Continue reading

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