This is an angry response to the arguments going on on Mommy’s blog frequently these days. Especially these last two days. Do you kids think that these arguments actually help any one come to know Jesus?!? There are many Catholics I know on Google+ and on YouTube who I simply just choose to embrace as brothers and sisters in the Lord because we are by virtue of our baptism. They will ocassionally try to show one of their apologetics websites on how the Pope is the sole authority of Christianity. What I simply tell them is that this is great and lovely that you believe the Pope is the sole authority of Christianity, however, I have found apologetic literature to be detrimental to the Christian faith.

So I want to say in full response to Dave Smith that the only theological literature which generally supports the universal authority of the Pope is entirely apologetic literature. We can go into the history of the Papacy and what-not and whether the arguments are valid but I simply want to avoid these arguments. What I do know is that it was determined that the Pope could have sole magisterial jurisdiction over the West by Eastern bishops. Not everyone in the West was happy with this though as eventually would come the Protestant Reformation. The Eastern Catholics hold the Pope as a source of unity for the Church but not as the sole authority of the Church and form their own jurisdictions (though there is nothing outside of canon law preventing an Eastern Catholic from becoming Pope and Pope Francis is actually a bi-ritualistic Pope himself experienced in the Byzantine Rite having held administered liturgies at Greek Catholic liturgies in Argentina).

I am not going to get involved in this pointless and utterly miniscule argument in my opinion though. Whether the Pope has sole authority over the entirety of the Church or not in terms of jurisdiction as many Roman Catholics like to imagine (when they leave out their Eastern Catholic friends as well as the rest of the history of the Church) is hardly of concern for me. To me, this is a minor and trivial matter. There is so much that Christians could just simply unite on. I’m not saying that unity will happen in the blink of an eye or that unity with the Bishop of Rome is not something that all Christians should aspire to. I am simply saying that the full history of the development of the Papacy needs to be considered first and foremost, a brief reflection on the current Papacy as well as the diversity of canon lawyers’ opinions when it comes to the nature of the Papacy as well as what can be done to go about the process of reconciliation with one another.

But if we keep arguing that our particular view that has absolutely nothing to do with Christ or Christ’s concerns (the Orthodox affirm the Primacy of Peter and themselves have differing views on how St Peter is supposed to be represented in terms of his primacy) so I really don’t find any point of usefulness in debating this issue and request that those involved in seeking to argue these points any further on her blog do so in private. It irritates me to see such arguing as little kids on her blog.


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