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Hourly Hall of Shame

Sometimes, I wonder, why bother… Servus Fidelis gets a spot on my hourly Hall of Shame for the following comment: Acceptance of homosexual clergy, women priestesses, contraception, et al. Its easy to call someone a pessimist. It is harder to … Continue reading

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Daily Hall of Shame

Congratulations Steve Brown! You have earned a spot in my daily hall of shame! Steve Brown: AIDS is offensive to God. No possibility of new life is offensive to God. But, HE gave us free will. All members of the … Continue reading

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Before the blood-bath

I have a fear that Mother’s most recent post is starting a blood-bath right now and I am hoping I can save her from the oncoming madness starting. Already Servus Fidelis is being his usual nudginess. I don’t know why he … Continue reading

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God’s perfect, goody-two-shoes church

We’ve never persecuted other religions unless, you know, they show disobedience to our state. We want people to know that God established our state. You know how God said his kingdom was not of this world. Some take that to mean … Continue reading

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Helpful books on subject of classical theism

I wanted to respond to Fr Kimel’s article today via another blog post in order to expound on why I recommend the books I recommend. Fr Kimel gives a sourcement of books in regard to the topic of divine simplicity … Continue reading

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Farewell forever?

I pray earnestly and fervently for our re-unification but this relationship has regretfully become too much for me and I am now left wondering if I lost you even before this recent tragedy. I pray God fills you with humility … Continue reading

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a prayer for mother…

O Lord Jesus Christ our God, You hold all creatures within the Father’s love and allow who believes in You to wander from the presence of the Holy Spirit. Have mercy on your servant Jessica Hoff whose mind is darkened … Continue reading

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Anglicanism and the Christian Church, ch. 1 – the Reformers

Paul Avis starts his book on Anglicanism and the Christian Church with the impact of the Reformation. I wanted to go over this part specifically first because there are a lot of ambiguities about the Reformation as it occurred in … Continue reading

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Never give up Rose!

Today, Rose posted again about her fight for the Latin Mass to return to the Western Rite in Rome. I am an odd-ball Anglican that has much respect for the Tridentine Mass. Today, our Vicar General dedicated our Mass for … Continue reading

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NEO talks about Mommy’s journey as of recent as a bit of a “resurrection”. I think she has shown us two different faces of herself though. As of recent, she has been doing nothing but attacking my own views on human … Continue reading

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Christian marriage p2

I needed to add something onto this. Some have not the ability to pro-create. How can they aspire to the command to pro-create when they cannot pro-create? The pro-creation command to male and female is first and foremost derived from … Continue reading

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Purposes of Christian marriage

John Boswell, in his Michael Harding Address (Rediscovering Gay History, GCM 1982), made a closely related observation: “Love in the Old Testament is too idealised in terms of sexual attraction (rather than procreation). Samuel’s father says to his wife-who is … Continue reading

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My suggested main strategy to ending all debating going on on Mommy’s blog

That the debating must stop is a non-negotiable issue. Mommy tells me if I don’t like their arguing, I can stop reading the blog. My issue is that it is advertised as a Christian blog and many people who come … Continue reading

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