NEO talks about Mommy’s journey as of recent as a bit of a “resurrection”. I think she has shown us two different faces of herself though. As of recent, she has been doing nothing but attacking my own views on human sexuality claiming my church is wrong and accusing me of condemning. She has changed her views on human sexuality and as I’ve already “betrayed her trust” I have no qualms about writing my own reflection like this. What isn’t like her though is the manipulative behavior she has taken against me over this disagreement. I do not believe oral sex is a legitimate expression of human sexuality. She says it does. She spent all day yesterday attempting to manipulate me into agreeing with her and seeing her view. I’m not budging. Her view is the new view contradictory to much church tradition. She will need to try much harder but I am not going to allow myself to be manipulated.

While NEO sees “hope” for Mommy coming out this weekend, I see rather a fall into a series of attacks and manipulations which for some reason she chose to start with me. I have no idea if NEO is at all aware of this or if he is would he at all be horrified to find I have been manipulated by her? Or would he simply just choose to join her in the manipulation attempting to convince how my church is the reason why people aren’t Christian any more?

What I see is a he behavior change occurring in Mommy right now and why it started with her aggressive attempts and false accusations against me in an e-mail exchange yesterday I have no idea. But I am not going to interpret this as a “resurrection” as NEO chooses to. I simply cannot allow myself to view Mommy’s new situation as a resurrection but rather as a fall into nothingness. Her new church and her new girlfriend have certainly done nothing but the Devil’s work this weekend in an effort to manipulate me and now she has even descended to swearing at me.

NEO, you don’t have to like this post or approve it appearing as a link in the comment section on your blog but I have no idea what happened to Mommy and I want you to understand that this is becoming hard for me to process. I know I break her trust by writing this but I don’t think it matters too much any more as she has already told me to “f-off” and has decided to ignore me any way. It was, in the situation of her manipulations and attacks on me yesterday, I reached out to someone trustworthy to explain the situation and what was going on and how I genuinely felt manipulated. She found out earlier today I did this. I did not know what to do but she has been attacking me viciously over this issue of her views on human sexuality in an effort to convince me mine are wrong. I am not going to allow myself to be attacked like that and I am going to make it clear to her I won’t stand for that.

I will say that if you want to view this as a “resurrection” stage in Mommy’s life, you can. I simply cannot find the events that happened recently as anything legitimately positive nor can I see how a church and a girlfriend who teach her that she should manipulate people as she attempted to do with me in regards to slamming their views on human sexuality down on them is Christian in any meaningful sense of the word.



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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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