Never give up Rose!

Today, Rose posted again about her fight for the Latin Mass to return to the Western Rite in Rome. I am an odd-ball Anglican that has much respect for the Tridentine Mass.

Today, our Vicar General dedicated our Mass for the repose of Mother Angelica who recently departed on Easter. Mother Angelica dedicated her entire life from the age of her early 20’s to spreading the Gospel. Our Vicar General contrasted her to a Unitarian Universalist preacher in his homily today. Whereas the Unitarian Universalist preacher relegated Jesus to a nothing and thus, an uninspiring story–why spread the Gospel? Hence why the UU preacher could find himself comfortably as an atheist. I agree with my Vicar General–I’m not going to a church that says “believe as thou wilt”. There’s nothing meaningful in it.

Mother Angelica’s ministry was inspired by her firm and rock-solid belief in the Divinity of Our Lord. She founded her ministry–The Evangelical Witness Television Network. Most know this as EWTN for short. She founded this to teach the Christian faith. It started off small but has become the leading Catholic agency in spreading and advancing the Gospel.

Mother Angelica also was a hero for the Tridentine Mass. Her Archbishop sent her a letter of reproval once for her views on this and she said that she could not understand what he was trying to tell her. In a twist of irony, Mother Angelica got her last wish–the bishop conducting her requiem Mass did it in the Tridentine format. There was some English though but it was much more comparable to my own church’s Mass. The bishop faced East as he ought to have done.

Anglicans still follow the Medieval practice of making cult saints out of people. As such, my own parish has already made up its mind that Mother Angelica is a saint.



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