a prayer for mother…

O Lord Jesus Christ our God, You hold all creatures within the Father’s love and allow who believes in You to wander from the presence of the Holy Spirit. Have mercy on your servant Jessica Hoff whose mind is darkened and troubled, and who seems far from the sight of Your truth. Give life to her soul, and lead her to the source of healing. Let her come to recognize You, in ways known to you alone. Grant that she may trust in Your life growing within her. Grant this through the compassionate prayers of Your Mother, the most pure Virgin, and all Your saints. For You Yourself have borne the infirmities of Your people, and have suffered and died that all might one day be healed, and we glorify You, O Christ, together with Your merciful Father, and Your healing and comforting Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen

jrj1701 sent this prayer to me. It is a Greek Orthodox prayer for lost causes.


About newenglandsun

A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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2 Responses to a prayer for mother…

  1. Ionica T says:

    O Lord Jesus Christ our God? Not son of God?

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