God’s perfect, goody-two-shoes church

We’ve never persecuted other religions unless, you know, they show disobedience to our state. We want people to know that God established our state. You know how God said his kingdom was not of this world. Some take that to mean what it says but we know precisely how the Bible is to be interpreted. If you disobey our queen, you are in rebellion. Which, by the way, rebellion is a sin worse than witchcraft which means we do not think your religion is Christian if you walked away from the queen. She’s Christ’s representative on Earth. We are very grateful that Jesus revealed to us what he actually meant when he said his kingdom is not of this world which is actually that it was meant to be a religion run by us, the state in this world and belong to this world. Better accept our definition of this or remember, you rebel against Christ’s representative which he was without for over 1500 years but now finally has!

Hates Catholic apologetics, demolishes them with Anglican apologetics. Precisely what is the difference between the two? Both are apologetics. Both are made to show how glorious your own religion is in comparison to other religions. Criticizes Catholics of historical revisionism. Fight historical revisionism with historical revisionism of a different kind!

Can you really not see how hypocritical this attitude is?


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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One Response to God’s perfect, goody-two-shoes church

  1. BTW, I am mostly referring to the recusants. The recusants were those who retained Catholic practices and did not accept the CofE’s break from Rome and so held Masses apart from the state.

    I’m not saying Catholics have never been forceful but to claim your religion oh so perfect is severely flawed.

    Or perhaps destroying monasteries, destroying shrines to Our Lady, etc., were God’s way of showing how he accepted these religions?

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