Before the blood-bath

I have a fear that Mother’s most recent post is starting a blood-bath right now and I am hoping I can save her from the oncoming madness starting. Already Servus Fidelis is being his usual nudginess. I don’t know why he happens to have a picture of St Maria Faustina Kowalska on his blog and yet does not even see any room for the divine mercy of God toward sinners but rather a need to make certain they know where the Hell they are going (pun intended).

Any way, he comments that there is a need to “return to the rigor of the Faith”. Apparently, the rigor of faith has no room for mercy upon sinners or a new means to address people? This cannot be right. Patristic theologian and Orthodox Christian Nonna Verna Harrison mentions in her book, God’s Many Splendored Image, a certain patriarch, Bishop Ammonas, in which a pregnant woman on the verge of death was brought to him by a group of monks wanting to have her punished. Bishop Ammonas required no harsh penance from her as she was near-death. He was certainly not stating fornication was not a sin but to put such a penance on her condition at this time would have been wrong (60-61). Part of exercising mercy has always involved understanding the other person’s circumstances.

Steve Brown apparently has no problem using the tired-old argument of AIDS related to homosexuality. The Church has always taught same sex intercourse is wrong but the AIDS argument I have always found ridiculous. AIDS is further also spread via fornication one must remember but can also be found in people who have only copulated with one person their entire life. But AIDS is something that is only known to modern medicine. The Church has never seen this as the reason that homosexuality is wrong. Instead, the AIDS argument is generally only used by the Church today desperate to show homosexuals the consequences of their sins. But for sane people who do know sufficient medical science, the AIDS argument is always ridiculous. Why is it that Platonic sexual ideas were quite well defensible without the use of AIDS and now all of a sudden AIDS has become the “trump card”? I hope Steve Brown can realize the silliness of this overall dependence on a modern disease to explain the ancient position of the Church on this issue.


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3 Responses to Before the blood-bath

  1. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    And all people BE AWARE OF THE FACT AND NEVER FORGET IT that ALOT of INFANTS are BORN WITH HIV/AIDS ( most especially IN MAMA AFRICA ) and also ORPHANED because of HIV/AIDS . It really is A REAL TRAGEDY !


    Just like EBOLA and ZIKA and SWINE FLU and also other viruses and diseases ARE MANMADE !

  2. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    So NES your a CHILD LIKE MAN ? So your like PEE WEE HERMAN then ?

  3. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    In parts of the world like AFRICA ( probably also INDIA , and probably also in alot of other countries ) MANY WIVES get HIV/AIDS from THEIR HUSBANDS, because in those parts of the world MEN do WHATEVER THEY WANT TO ( including ADULTERY and also SEX WITH PROSTITUTES even while MARRIED ) and THEY ALSO REFUSE TO USE CONDOMS, that is really,truely,honestly what I heard of EXACTLY WHY and EXACTLY HOW THEIR WIVES GET HIV/AIDS from them.

    MEN really,truely do CAUSE ALOT OF PROBLEMS all of the time too ! ( and they can really,truely BE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT & EXTREMELY PROBLEMATIC , like MY FATHER is !!! )

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